Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Short meetup with my Hae

I haven't been seeing this woman for the longest time!
Because she's working and i'm either schooling or dating :X and a few months back my weekends are filled with either dance or work.
So, finally! After my assignment we had a short meetup and actually, i can't remember what did we had on that day..

Totally forgotten about it. =.=

We just had some heart to heart talk as usual. Keep on gossiping about people from works to even passerby!! We are just being random and Paris baguette really have a very nice ambiance. Maybe the timing we went wasn't that crowded, so no random passerby will be looking at us and the cafe wasn't that busy too.

However, the service seriously.... Sometime it can really get on the nerve type of service. But the foods overall not too bad!!
I only manage to take photos of my own foods because i think dingting was too hungry to wait for me to take photo. BUT! It's okay!! :)

I like the latte though! Even without adding sugar. 
And the beef was so nice! Even though this was a cold sandwiches, i still think it taste really nice and it's really filling! I thought i won't feel full from it! 
Man, I was wrong!!
 photo 577188_10151506132662505_1041805481_n_zps2cb21bb1.jpg  photo 578019_10151506213867505_1917584970_n_zps8efcd06c.jpg  photo 602095_10151506211872505_1199178532_n_zps562573c3.jpg  photo 600179_10151506216702505_1913623922_n_zpsf1e92bff.jpg 
Our OOTD haha!

Glad to have a short meetup with her to catch up with each other life.
Glad to have her in my life and we are still going to have this love hate relationship.
Haha. Nobody know what's our love hate relationship but it's okay!
We are the eunhae! And that's enough.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blackbox Feburary

Hello everyone!
Today, I'm gonna do a short unboxing because i was very excited to receive my black box.
It's a new sample box and the best thing is.....  
Yes! I'm not kidding, it's completely free!
At first i was quite skeptical about it because well, who will believe sample box company are giving out complimentary box when it's the best marketing products now.

So, I gotten my 1st complimentary black box back in February and there are 5 samples items inside.

 photo SAM_2475_zps7071ee19.jpg  photo SAM_2477_zps0d9e0f36.jpg  photo SAM_2481_zpsfc30ca3e.jpg  photo SAM_2482_zps4107a6da.jpg  photo SAM_2483_zps3b36a416.jpg 

Well, not gonna deny that i was a little disappointed when i first received the box because some of the items are really.. Hmm.. Especially the vouchers that was given.
However, it was a free bi monthly box so i thought "Well, the items aren't that bad."
My favourite items got to be the Darlie expert White toothpaste. I had used it beforehand and i really love the feeling of it! The next item is actually the Dettol body gel. It smell so clean? Haha! I don't even know am i explaining it correctly but well, you just feel really clean using that! Afterall it's Dettol!

The rest of the items are as follow:
  •  est.lab sunshield with SPF 50
    Available at Estetica outlet only.
  • L'oreal Paris Dermo Expertise Youth Code Boosting Essence
    My sister hasbeen using this and I heard from her that it's really good for the value.
  • L'oreal Total Repair 5 deep repairing Mask.
    Gonna give this hair mask a try since it's from L'oreal.
  • Nature Valley Oats 'n Honey
    This is super AWESOME and TASTY!! Need to stock up on this!
  • Dr Jart V7 VitaLaser
  • L'oreal Men expert Pure & Matte Charcoal Black Scrub.
    Either giving this to J or using it myself. Because men facial wash are better at oil control.
That's all for my review.
Don't worry! You can still get the next black box (April) for free!
Sign up now at 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


It was sushan's birthday weeks ago and we decided to go sentosa to celebrate her birthday!!
Thankfully there weren't too many people and a little passing rain~
I had a great time with my uni mates and i hope she had enjoyed herself too!
Damn epic when i rewatched the videos.

 photo SAM_2316_zpsd89194e2.jpg  photo SAM_2320_zps745defec.jpg  photo SAM_2322_zpsc6b1db27.jpg  photo SAM_2328_zpsfe012ee9.jpg  photo SAM_2329_zpsb611364b.jpg  photo SAM_2334_zps85bf9a60.jpg  photo SAM_2347_zpsc1f7d0c7.jpg  photo SAM_2349_zps378175e1.jpg  photo SAM_2367_zps203f44e8.jpg  photo SAM_2369_zps6f657a3a.jpg  photo SAM_2373_zps2b5a34a3.jpg  photo SAM_2375_zpsc1f8e257.jpg  photo SAM_2378_zps476bb22a.jpg  photo SAM_2379_zpsc6f3bc2c.jpg  photo SAM_2380_zps7c57a574.jpg  photo SAM_2385_zpsc983ef94.jpg  photo SAM_2383_zps2dd7928d.jpg  photo SAM_2395_zps96e934a2.jpg  photo SAM_2396_zps8d8dee17.jpg  photo SAM_2398_zpscdd79337.jpg  photo SAM_2400_zps9cfeebce.jpg  photo SAM_2402_zpscee2dd51.jpg  photo SAM_2392_zps2b9c91f5.jpg  photo SAM_2415_zps4e568b3d.jpg  photo SAM_2422_zps25c437cb.jpg  photo SAM_2428_zps9f65cf09.jpg  photo SAM_2429_zpsf44a1db1.jpg  photo SAM_2454_zpse9a62f9e.jpg  photo SAM_2455_zps533e5a87.jpg  photo SAM_2463_zpsbdd7fe90.jpg  photo SAM_2468_zpscae1e654.jpg  photo SAM_2458_zps3b7b6513.jpg 
Happy Birthday Sushan!! :DDDDDD

Friday, March 8, 2013


Hello everyone~
Finally i have some time to spare and update this little space of mine.
School has been killing me by all the test and assignment.
All these tests and assignments are like milestone in my school life. almost like how every international business have in different stage of the business. Okay, see what school had done to me?
So, i will be getting busier for the month of March and soon i will have my exams and HOLIDAYS!
I can't wait to fast forward to May!!
There will be so much HAPPY and AWESOME things for me in MAY!
Till then, i will have to study hard and score well!!
Previous sem results was quite terrible and i was so disappointed at myself.
I hope this sem will be a better sem since i had already been preparing myself earlier and really trying to focus in class.
May god help this poor girl here!
March and April will most probably super boring for me..
School, test, assignment , projects and exams.

 In case anyone forgotten how i look like!! HAHA!
a very excited me with my favourite Jam from Korea!

Till then,
Bye everyone!!