Friday, March 8, 2013


Hello everyone~
Finally i have some time to spare and update this little space of mine.
School has been killing me by all the test and assignment.
All these tests and assignments are like milestone in my school life. almost like how every international business have in different stage of the business. Okay, see what school had done to me?
So, i will be getting busier for the month of March and soon i will have my exams and HOLIDAYS!
I can't wait to fast forward to May!!
There will be so much HAPPY and AWESOME things for me in MAY!
Till then, i will have to study hard and score well!!
Previous sem results was quite terrible and i was so disappointed at myself.
I hope this sem will be a better sem since i had already been preparing myself earlier and really trying to focus in class.
May god help this poor girl here!
March and April will most probably super boring for me..
School, test, assignment , projects and exams.

 In case anyone forgotten how i look like!! HAHA!
a very excited me with my favourite Jam from Korea!

Till then,
Bye everyone!!

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