Tuesday, March 12, 2013


It was sushan's birthday weeks ago and we decided to go sentosa to celebrate her birthday!!
Thankfully there weren't too many people and a little passing rain~
I had a great time with my uni mates and i hope she had enjoyed herself too!
Damn epic when i rewatched the videos.

 photo SAM_2316_zpsd89194e2.jpg  photo SAM_2320_zps745defec.jpg  photo SAM_2322_zpsc6b1db27.jpg  photo SAM_2328_zpsfe012ee9.jpg  photo SAM_2329_zpsb611364b.jpg  photo SAM_2334_zps85bf9a60.jpg  photo SAM_2347_zpsc1f7d0c7.jpg  photo SAM_2349_zps378175e1.jpg  photo SAM_2367_zps203f44e8.jpg  photo SAM_2369_zps6f657a3a.jpg  photo SAM_2373_zps2b5a34a3.jpg  photo SAM_2375_zpsc1f8e257.jpg  photo SAM_2378_zps476bb22a.jpg  photo SAM_2379_zpsc6f3bc2c.jpg  photo SAM_2380_zps7c57a574.jpg  photo SAM_2385_zpsc983ef94.jpg  photo SAM_2383_zps2dd7928d.jpg  photo SAM_2395_zps96e934a2.jpg  photo SAM_2396_zps8d8dee17.jpg  photo SAM_2398_zpscdd79337.jpg  photo SAM_2400_zps9cfeebce.jpg  photo SAM_2402_zpscee2dd51.jpg  photo SAM_2392_zps2b9c91f5.jpg  photo SAM_2415_zps4e568b3d.jpg  photo SAM_2422_zps25c437cb.jpg  photo SAM_2428_zps9f65cf09.jpg  photo SAM_2429_zpsf44a1db1.jpg  photo SAM_2454_zpse9a62f9e.jpg  photo SAM_2455_zps533e5a87.jpg  photo SAM_2463_zpsbdd7fe90.jpg  photo SAM_2468_zpscae1e654.jpg  photo SAM_2458_zps3b7b6513.jpg 
Happy Birthday Sushan!! :DDDDDD

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