Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Have a break.

A few days ago, we decided to take a break from studying and went for a short date!
Finally after so many days, we get to spend a short decent time for dating before back to mugging.

Went to our favourite dinning place for a heavy lunch.
Shokudo at Cineleisure!!
It's quite affordable and the portion is really HUGE!
We went there around 2 plus and the place was pretty empty, thus foods was serve to us very quickly.
Can't wait to go back and have their waffles! Our favourite!

 photo IMG_2362_zpscb4cc7aa.jpg 
 When this came, I was SHOCKED! 
The portion is really huge! The fish is really tasty! 
Even J agreed that the bun itself is already very nice and soft.
Plus there's really a huge portion of fries~ With some seaweed. LOVE IT!
  photo 644289_10151610622387489_1684020559_n_zpseb271619.jpg 
J's curry omu rice..
Taste really nice too! The patty that they give is really worth the money.
Damn thick!
And he seems to love it alot. So i guess it's really tasty too! 
I know the show has been out for quite some time but we really got no time :(
And J was super enthu about this movie, so we manage to catch it before they stop showing!
Freaking awesome movie!!!!
Got my favourite WWF/WWE The Rock!!
and! I didn't know Lee byung hun's English was good!
I know he can speak English but didn't know it was that good!
No kor-lish at all!
Anw, the movie is really nice. I can't remember did i watch part 1 on channel 5 but
apparently from J, he still think that part 1 is nicer because there are more actions.
Guys... haha!
I think it's a nice show! But a little too short?
Overall still worth watching!  
I wonder will there be a part 3.
  photo IMG_2366_zpsa0b79d98.jpg 
Some OOTD shot
I'm really too lazy to dress up and just wear the over-sized tee with jegging. 
  photo IMG_2367_zpsb01a7ad3.jpg 
 Time to cut my long fringe and dyed my hair after exams!!!!

Shokudo, Japanese Coffee House
Cathay Cineleisure
Orchard 8 Grange Road,
Tel: +65-6736 0971

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Crest 3D White WhiteStrips Professional Effect

First of all, I have quite hmm yellowish teeth since young and i have no idea why??

And to me, teeth are the most important feature of a person.
Straight, clean(cleanness! SUPER important even if it's not white) and neat.
I wasn't the lucky one so i had braces on (although still not straight) but it's neat and I'm happier than ever! My previous teeth were really horrible... And of course my teeth are clean! I do visit dentist from time to time to clean and polish my teeth plus i brush my teeth 2-3 times a day! So, cleanness NO PROBLEM!

But the thing is, i want to have white teeth.. Like shiny bright teeth like denture.
I already miss my teeth as straight as a denture so i really want white teeth!

I definitely will try bleaching my teeth someday when i am able to afford. But for now, i'll just try those whitening toothpaste and white strips. 

If you have been watching YouTube video, you won't be surprise with this brand.
Almost every gurus are using Crest whitening strips/ toothpaste etc. And when J was doing research for his project on toothpaste, Crest is rank no 1 in America!

So, i decided to give it a trial and bought the trial version.
I got mine in Qoo10 for 7 sachet, and if you like and share their FB you will get additional 1 for free!
 photo SAM_2494_zps618d11f3.jpg  photo IMG_2357_zps38938dd7.jpg 
This is how the strips look like.
 The shorter strip is for your bottom row of teeth while the longer strip is for the upper row of teeth.
To make sure it grip and work well, do dry your teeth with tissue before applying! 
It will be much more effective!
The next thing to take note is these strips contain bleach,
DO NOT leave these strips longer than the given time 30 minutes.
It will damage your enamels and cause your teeth discomfort and sensitivity.

As a normal box of these whitening strips contain 20 satchels.
It's suppose to use for 20 days straight. And it's really pricy even in America!
That's why I'm glad I can test out and see whether my teeth are able to handle the sensitivity and how it will react to it.

So, the moment i got my package, I start trying out the whitening strips.
For the 1st 3 days i have no problems, but after that my teeth began to be very sensitive.
Since then, i stop for a couple of days before i continue.

Today, I used up the last satchels and i can tell you it's really working!
Although mine is not completely white; afterall i only used 8 satchels instead of 20, but you can really see my teeth are much more brighter and look even cleaner now!

However, you can only use this whitening kit every 6 months.  I will definitely purchase the box of 20 satchels!

I decided not to post my teeth pictures because it look quite gross as compare to seeing in my phone :x toocloseup

Beside using the strips, I am currently using this toothpaste to keep my teeth 
as white as possible too! Somehow it's working, I'm gonna stock up some whitening toothpaste!
Since using back regular toothpaste may not be effective in keep my teeth white...
Shall see how it's goes again.

I think the main reason for my yellowish teeth is due to drinking of tea.
I love tea and I do drink coffee from time to time..
In order to maintain the white/birght teeth, i need to rinse/drink plain water to wash off the residues after each consumption. (Hard work :[ ) 

However, in conclusion i think that Crest whitestrips is really worth all the hypes and the price!
Because it is something safe and really work! (Still, depend on individual)
To try out, you can try purchasing from Qoo10 and this seller is really responsible!
Really like his attitude to make sure the customers get the items!

Click the above title to go the Qoo10 store!

Remember to like and share their FB page to receive an additional free satchel!

That's all!!
I hope you guys enjoy this wordy, lengthy post!

Friday, April 12, 2013

All the other meetups

So, here's a few more meetups that i had with my friends for last month..
The only reason why i am updating so frequently is because i wanna escape from studying :x
So here are the remaining photos for the month of march and early april!

Had a short meetup with The Girls!
It had been a long time since i last see all of them because everyone is busy with schooling/working.
Kinda hard to find a time whereby everyone will be free but still we managed to do it this year!!

 photo IMG_2073_zps0233dcca.jpg  photo IMG_2075_zpsc19ca96f.jpg  photo IMG_2076_zps637d16ef.jpg  photo IMG_2077_zpsfc5c6612.jpg  photo IMG_2066_zps0b61af9c.jpg 
We dined at Cineleisure Seoul Garden hotpot!
It's not that bad and i had student meal! (privilege of being/holding a student card!)
I had Mandu Hotpot.
It's really nice and filling!
  photo IMG_2068_zpsa6377d43.jpg 
It was also my first time trying out Cold Stone.
This is Founder's Favourite.
Love the texture with all the nuts and brownies. 
Although it was a little too sweet but still acceptable. 
I think the Waffle was just okay? I mean, it smell really nice and taste not too bad...
But i can do without the waffle though.
8 Grange Road, #B1-08
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
Singapore 239695
Tel: 6732 6338
Fax: 6732 4338
Then on 1 weekday afternoon, head over to town to have ramen with Sushan and Tianxiang!
Because Sushan was having her craving for ramen, so there we are~
At an expensive raman store which i never tried before but heard tons of raves about it!
Glad that i went and gave it a try!!! #candieinpeacenow!

 photo IMG_2244_zps4059523a.jpg  photo IMG_2245_zps4da1be69.jpg  photo IMG_2246_zps03582d74.jpg 
Yes, Cold Stone again!
This is Banana Caramel Crunch.
I prefer this one! Not so sweet! But lesser texture..
But still nice! Because got my favourite fruit, BANANAS! 
Kinda addict to cold stone BUT they are really expensive!
333A Orchard Road
Singapore 238867
Tel: 6235-2797

Cold Stone
181 Orchard Central Road
Singapore 238896
Tel: 6634 1015 
Fax: 6238 9420
The next one is quite recently! Last week! But it wasn't any meetup with friends..
I was whining telling J how much i wanna eat dimsum and how bad he was because he went to eat dimsum twice without "da bao-ing" for me...
So, he brought me to Swee Choon~ heehee

 photo IMG_2255_zpsaab2ba59.jpg 
Now, i'm continuously telling him i wanna eat XLB buffet!!
  photo IMG_2256_zps479f005c.jpg  photo IMG_2257_zps363b3160.jpg  photo IMG_2258_zpsa4f14d9e.jpg  photo IMG_2259_zps45ec8248.jpg 
When this came, I was SHOCKED.
We paid like i think $2.80 for this 2!
So it's $1.40 per piece!!!
I thought it will come in 3 because that like the "standard" portion, but NO! TWO.
  photo IMG_2260_zpsc7513dd4.jpg 
J's favourite 流沙包.
The most i can only ate 2 and i will feel uncomfortable.
Don't get me wrong, it's nice! Just, my problem :(
So i only ate 1.. In fact, J wanna order 2 "long" but i told him i can't ate much..
So, only 1 "long".
  photo IMG_2261_zpsa363c84d.jpg 
Yam dessert! It's nice!!! 
Because it's not overly sweet so, we LOVE it! :D
Some more random photos.

 photo IMG_2280_zps2b6f8ddf.jpg 
Went Wawawa with my mum over the weekend because she always wanted to try.
And she order this potato wedges for me :')
Because she know i love eating potato... So, despite i'm trying to shed some weight, 
she keep feeding me with more foods recently.. 
  photo IMG_2284_zpsc0c9d454.jpg  photo IMG_2293_zpsbbfd947a.jpg 
Some Japanese Crepe dessert we got at Tampines mall when they are having some
Japanese food fair. 
  photo IMG_2218_zps5ec65953.jpg  photo IMG_2221_zpsa18cc46c.jpg 
My two precious little babies~
Hopefully they will still stay so close as they grow up..
Even though both are equally naughty toward me..   
183/ 185/ 187/ 189/ 191 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208882
Tel : 62257788
Fax : 62941089

That's it! While updating this post, it makes me extremely hungry!
All the foods photos..

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Poulet ; Bugis +

J decided to have early dinner at Poulet because he always wanted to dine over there.
So, it was super impromptu decision to head over to Bugis after our class.
And because it was around 4 plus 5, there wasn't much crowd and we can have our dinner peacefully without being stress up.
Everytime i walked pass Poulet, there's always long queue and i don't like that feeling!

It make me feel guilty and pressure if i don't finish my foods fast and make others wait for a longer time.
Well, like what J say, i'm too nice~~ xD

Photo Credit : Poulet FB page

 photo IMG_2179_zps67f2367e.jpg  photo IMG_2181_zpsc91f5e8d.jpg
Country Side Wild Mushroom Soup.
This soup is really DOPE!
Damn nice and literally full of mushroom! Love it! 
And the bread is really really nice too!
I think they might had toast beforehand?

 photo IMG_2182_zps8b24c09a.jpg 
Braise de Poulet 
This was my main dish.
I know it doesn't really look appealing but it taste nice!
Unless you're not a fan of onion then do not order.
Because this dish has a very strong onion taste and smell.

 photo IMG_2192_zpsc52a486c.jpg 
Iberico Pork Belly  
J's main dish.
I didn't really try his, but apparently from him it taste nice.
The pork is really soft and you can't really feel the fats.
So i think it's nice too! 
After that we decided to order desserts! Because, frankly speaking we wasn't full from our main dish. So we decided to order 2 desserts.
Usually we would order one because he know my eating pattern pretty well by now.
Most of the time i couldn't finish all my foods. HAHAHA

 photo IMG_2187_zps8387d66e.jpg 
Banana Bread Pudding.
I LOVE banana! haha! (Please don't get me wrong.)
I think they are naturally sweet and so soft!! (& fluffy!)
This dessert is a hot dessert but i can assure you that it is really nice!
The texture of the bread! You won't even feel like you're eating bread but yet you can feel the filling-ness from the bread.
Plus the ice cream!! J call it DOPE! 
  photo IMG_2185_zps8085a08f.jpg 
I think it's super duper worth the price. 
We paid $7.80 for this and the jar is really HUGE!
Plus it taste really nice and the cream cheese is just so RICH! 
Totally love their desserts! I won't mind going back Poulet just to have their desserts!
I guess it's a France thing? That their desserts are really well made and super duper nice!
Worth every single cents paid!  
  photo IMG_2189_zpsa00784fd.jpg 
Thank you J (:  
The outlet we went to was Bugis + and they have a couple more outlets too! 

Bugis +
201 Victoria Street #04-12
 Singapore 188067
Tel: (+65) 6509 9411

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Because I really miss my braces and my longest hair ever.
It seem like i can never grow back to that length anymore :(
Damn sad!
And my retainer doesn't seem to give me the denture straight teeth as braces anymore :(


 photo P2260954.jpg  photo Photo0059.jpg  photo Image95.jpg  photo Image109.jpg  photo P6210028.jpg  photo 59691_433447658715_578698715_5173049_7424702_n.jpg  photo 60525_434702252897_705397897_5416430_628193_n.jpg  photo 28270_399656988505_603533505_451444.jpg  photo P9251128.jpg 
 And a bonus photo!
 photo 60968_10150090261209196_804049195_7141041_3108431_n.jpg 
When Nicole was REALLY young. HAHAHA!
I think 2 years old ?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wawawa, Bistro by the Reservoir

Hi people! Taking a break from my school project, so here i am to blog!
Went out with my dearest puaysee and the 2 busiest guys (puaysee decided to call us the happy 4 lol!) for dinner at Bedok Reservior!

At 1st we were still joking about going there at night because of the many incidents happen there :x
Nevertheless we still went there and have dinner while reminiscing what happen during secondary.

Because Kaikeng, Zhihan and me usually hang out together after school back in lower secondary with a few of our classmates and chills at the reservoir.Tons of funny memories and stupid things we did back then.

 photo 482339_10151503789602430_887683195_n_zps03754acd.jpg  photo 625561_10151345302141704_396964355_n_zps040dbeef.jpg 
Our inside joke when we saw Zhihan wearing a blue shirt! Haha!
  photo 74445_10151503796572430_1007535066_n_zps009a93c0.jpg  photo 164235_10151503797842430_2105115828_n_zps060224a6.jpg 
we ordered a jar of cranberry to share!
I think they secretly wanted to drink alcoholic drinks, because all of them
were looking at the alcoholic beverage menu!!    
  photo 64710_10151503799177430_1439500286_n_zpsc7f8adac.jpg 
Zhihan's Lobster Bisque 
Don't like the taste though. But apparently he like it.
Oh well. 
  photo 460_10151503798632430_1723898476_n_zps25666005.jpg
Puaysee's wawawa BBQ Wagyu Beef Burger
  photo 579182_10151503798807430_1680647269_n_zps3d84cde5.jpg 
Cajun Chicken.
  photo 487703_10151503799247430_122283936_n_zps24a8dddf.jpg 
The guys' Classic Chicken Cordon Bleu.
Waited damn long for theirs.
But it look damn nice maybe i'll try this if i ever went back.
  photo 72730_10151503798242430_1273063496_n_zps002bf3f4.jpg 
And how can I not take photo with my babygirl right? 
We spammed photos while they guys are waiting for their foods to arrive. 
  photo 188894_10151345346311704_96924585_n_zps46bb849a.jpg 
  photo 28140_10151503799602430_196566740_n_zpsdf08bb25.jpg 
I didn't know that there are 2 (total 4 smaller pieces) pieces of Berlin wall art in Bedok Reservoir.
So we went there to have a look.
 As 3 of them are history students they begin to tell me about the cold war or story behind these wall.
Interesting.. But i would still choose my beloved geography instead of History. 
  photo 45226_10151503799832430_1339551367_n_zpsc55c3271.jpg 
And we walked all the way to Bedok point just to chill and have starbucks!
No more free starbucks for me because i had fully redeem it =[
Time to top up my starbucks card when i have the money!! 
  photo 208064_10151503799887430_929443175_n_zpsc02423ca.jpg

Overall I think wawawa is quite a nice place to chill because it's by the reservoir.
However, the space are pretty limited and because it's an open concept restaurant, please be prepared that sometime there might be insects or tree leaves falling if you are sitting at the open area.
Still, the ambiance is  relaxing thought sometime it can get noisy.

Foods wise it's not too bad but there are other places that offer nicer at a much more affordable price.
But it's not too bad to give it a try if you live at the east area!

Maybe I wanna try their brunch menu on weekend!!
Till then, I still enjoy the foods (:

Wawawa, Bistro by the Reservoir
 901, Bedok Reservoir Road,
Singapore 479266.
Tel: 6285 8038