Friday, April 12, 2013

All the other meetups

So, here's a few more meetups that i had with my friends for last month..
The only reason why i am updating so frequently is because i wanna escape from studying :x
So here are the remaining photos for the month of march and early april!

Had a short meetup with The Girls!
It had been a long time since i last see all of them because everyone is busy with schooling/working.
Kinda hard to find a time whereby everyone will be free but still we managed to do it this year!!

 photo IMG_2073_zps0233dcca.jpg  photo IMG_2075_zpsc19ca96f.jpg  photo IMG_2076_zps637d16ef.jpg  photo IMG_2077_zpsfc5c6612.jpg  photo IMG_2066_zps0b61af9c.jpg 
We dined at Cineleisure Seoul Garden hotpot!
It's not that bad and i had student meal! (privilege of being/holding a student card!)
I had Mandu Hotpot.
It's really nice and filling!
  photo IMG_2068_zpsa6377d43.jpg 
It was also my first time trying out Cold Stone.
This is Founder's Favourite.
Love the texture with all the nuts and brownies. 
Although it was a little too sweet but still acceptable. 
I think the Waffle was just okay? I mean, it smell really nice and taste not too bad...
But i can do without the waffle though.
8 Grange Road, #B1-08
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
Singapore 239695
Tel: 6732 6338
Fax: 6732 4338
Then on 1 weekday afternoon, head over to town to have ramen with Sushan and Tianxiang!
Because Sushan was having her craving for ramen, so there we are~
At an expensive raman store which i never tried before but heard tons of raves about it!
Glad that i went and gave it a try!!! #candieinpeacenow!

 photo IMG_2244_zps4059523a.jpg  photo IMG_2245_zps4da1be69.jpg  photo IMG_2246_zps03582d74.jpg 
Yes, Cold Stone again!
This is Banana Caramel Crunch.
I prefer this one! Not so sweet! But lesser texture..
But still nice! Because got my favourite fruit, BANANAS! 
Kinda addict to cold stone BUT they are really expensive!
333A Orchard Road
Singapore 238867
Tel: 6235-2797

Cold Stone
181 Orchard Central Road
Singapore 238896
Tel: 6634 1015 
Fax: 6238 9420
The next one is quite recently! Last week! But it wasn't any meetup with friends..
I was whining telling J how much i wanna eat dimsum and how bad he was because he went to eat dimsum twice without "da bao-ing" for me...
So, he brought me to Swee Choon~ heehee

 photo IMG_2255_zpsaab2ba59.jpg 
Now, i'm continuously telling him i wanna eat XLB buffet!!
  photo IMG_2256_zps479f005c.jpg  photo IMG_2257_zps363b3160.jpg  photo IMG_2258_zpsa4f14d9e.jpg  photo IMG_2259_zps45ec8248.jpg 
When this came, I was SHOCKED.
We paid like i think $2.80 for this 2!
So it's $1.40 per piece!!!
I thought it will come in 3 because that like the "standard" portion, but NO! TWO.
  photo IMG_2260_zpsc7513dd4.jpg 
J's favourite 流沙包.
The most i can only ate 2 and i will feel uncomfortable.
Don't get me wrong, it's nice! Just, my problem :(
So i only ate 1.. In fact, J wanna order 2 "long" but i told him i can't ate much..
So, only 1 "long".
  photo IMG_2261_zpsa363c84d.jpg 
Yam dessert! It's nice!!! 
Because it's not overly sweet so, we LOVE it! :D
Some more random photos.

 photo IMG_2280_zps2b6f8ddf.jpg 
Went Wawawa with my mum over the weekend because she always wanted to try.
And she order this potato wedges for me :')
Because she know i love eating potato... So, despite i'm trying to shed some weight, 
she keep feeding me with more foods recently.. 
  photo IMG_2284_zpsc0c9d454.jpg  photo IMG_2293_zpsbbfd947a.jpg 
Some Japanese Crepe dessert we got at Tampines mall when they are having some
Japanese food fair. 
  photo IMG_2218_zps5ec65953.jpg  photo IMG_2221_zpsa18cc46c.jpg 
My two precious little babies~
Hopefully they will still stay so close as they grow up..
Even though both are equally naughty toward me..   
183/ 185/ 187/ 189/ 191 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208882
Tel : 62257788
Fax : 62941089

That's it! While updating this post, it makes me extremely hungry!
All the foods photos..

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