Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wawawa, Bistro by the Reservoir

Hi people! Taking a break from my school project, so here i am to blog!
Went out with my dearest puaysee and the 2 busiest guys (puaysee decided to call us the happy 4 lol!) for dinner at Bedok Reservior!

At 1st we were still joking about going there at night because of the many incidents happen there :x
Nevertheless we still went there and have dinner while reminiscing what happen during secondary.

Because Kaikeng, Zhihan and me usually hang out together after school back in lower secondary with a few of our classmates and chills at the reservoir.Tons of funny memories and stupid things we did back then.

 photo 482339_10151503789602430_887683195_n_zps03754acd.jpg  photo 625561_10151345302141704_396964355_n_zps040dbeef.jpg 
Our inside joke when we saw Zhihan wearing a blue shirt! Haha!
  photo 74445_10151503796572430_1007535066_n_zps009a93c0.jpg  photo 164235_10151503797842430_2105115828_n_zps060224a6.jpg 
we ordered a jar of cranberry to share!
I think they secretly wanted to drink alcoholic drinks, because all of them
were looking at the alcoholic beverage menu!!    
  photo 64710_10151503799177430_1439500286_n_zpsc7f8adac.jpg 
Zhihan's Lobster Bisque 
Don't like the taste though. But apparently he like it.
Oh well. 
  photo 460_10151503798632430_1723898476_n_zps25666005.jpg
Puaysee's wawawa BBQ Wagyu Beef Burger
  photo 579182_10151503798807430_1680647269_n_zps3d84cde5.jpg 
Cajun Chicken.
  photo 487703_10151503799247430_122283936_n_zps24a8dddf.jpg 
The guys' Classic Chicken Cordon Bleu.
Waited damn long for theirs.
But it look damn nice maybe i'll try this if i ever went back.
  photo 72730_10151503798242430_1273063496_n_zps002bf3f4.jpg 
And how can I not take photo with my babygirl right? 
We spammed photos while they guys are waiting for their foods to arrive. 
  photo 188894_10151345346311704_96924585_n_zps46bb849a.jpg 
  photo 28140_10151503799602430_196566740_n_zpsdf08bb25.jpg 
I didn't know that there are 2 (total 4 smaller pieces) pieces of Berlin wall art in Bedok Reservoir.
So we went there to have a look.
 As 3 of them are history students they begin to tell me about the cold war or story behind these wall.
Interesting.. But i would still choose my beloved geography instead of History. 
  photo 45226_10151503799832430_1339551367_n_zpsc55c3271.jpg 
And we walked all the way to Bedok point just to chill and have starbucks!
No more free starbucks for me because i had fully redeem it =[
Time to top up my starbucks card when i have the money!! 
  photo 208064_10151503799887430_929443175_n_zpsc02423ca.jpg

Overall I think wawawa is quite a nice place to chill because it's by the reservoir.
However, the space are pretty limited and because it's an open concept restaurant, please be prepared that sometime there might be insects or tree leaves falling if you are sitting at the open area.
Still, the ambiance is  relaxing thought sometime it can get noisy.

Foods wise it's not too bad but there are other places that offer nicer at a much more affordable price.
But it's not too bad to give it a try if you live at the east area!

Maybe I wanna try their brunch menu on weekend!!
Till then, I still enjoy the foods (:

Wawawa, Bistro by the Reservoir
 901, Bedok Reservoir Road,
Singapore 479266.
Tel: 6285 8038

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