Friday, May 24, 2013

Envy Nail Lounge

It was my 1st time going to do my nails and a very nice friend of mine sort of own the shop, so i decided to head over to her shop and do my nails for the very 1st time!!!

I'm glad the service over there was really great! Also, the ambiance is really cozy!
It make me feel like sleeping over there!
According to her, some customers really fall asleep until they are done with their nails to wake them up! See how relaxing the place is?
 photo 3109e04a83c911e2bbd822000a9f15da_7.jpg
Credit: Envy Nail Lounge Instagram

So, I told them I want something mint green with gold glitters. 
The manicurist showed me the mint I initially wanted but do not recommend to me because she find the colour will be too pale for me.

And so I decided to listen to her and switch to another colour which is something toward the jade coral green? haha! I'm not even sure whether there is such a term for this colour but that was what she told me.

So here it is! I did the classic manicure and pedicure~ 
Super simple because I don't really fancy about gel nails yet.
I'm not too sure what are the exact name for the colour.
For the green is from the brand Orly and the gold shimmer is from OPI
 photo SAM_2689.jpg  photo SAM_2686.jpg  photo SAM_2683.jpg

Overall, the service is really good and i think it's really painted very nicely!!
You know how some manicurist doesn't really do a great job because it's the classic one,
however, they really did a nice job!

Now i can understand why both my sisters love to go get their nails done.
The enjoyment and relaxing. WOSH~~ hahaha!

Envy Hair and Nails  (Just walk all the way to the end of the salon it's the nail lounge)
46 Peck Seah Street.
Singapore 079316
Opened from Mondays to Saturdays, 11 am to 8 pm
Tel: 62211220

It's super easy to find the place! So no worries about not able to find the shop!
Remember to drop them a call because i think you need to book a slot before going down.
Worth the try!!

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