Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Foods and more foods~

 photo IMG_2462.jpg  photo IMG_2463.jpg  photo IMG_2464.jpg
Fine dining with Uni mates on our last paper!

 photo IMG_2525.jpg  photo IMG_2526.jpg
Jones @ Ion with my eldest sis

 photo IMG_2432.jpg
85 Bachor noodle.
Not from our favourite stall though.

 photo IMG_2440.jpg
Soup when i was sick during exams...
Damn nice! (:

 photo IMG_2470.jpg

 photo IMG_2482.jpg
Saveur with Michelle for her belated birthday dinner.
  photo IMG_2534.jpg  photo IMG_2539.jpg

Lastly a bonus and it's not a food photo,
My 2 favourite babies in the world~~ for now xD
 photo IMG_2533.jpg

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