Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cheezz Studio

Hello!!! So, few weeks ago I finally get to meetup with my bunch of happy friends as we were going to celebrate Kaikeng's 21st! He's the first among us to turn 21st and we actually planned to have this photo shoot quite a few months back and because I have to travel, so we pushed it back till this month!

Met up with Puaysee to get his birthday present and meet up with him to head over to the studio!!
Puaysee had been there so frequent until the owner can recognize her! We booked the 30 minutes session and holy crap, I was so exhausted before the session end. Basically, we have to rush to get the props ,stand at the correct point to be in frame and click the clicker by ourselves. Only Puaysee can do that continuously for full 30 minutes!! 
Despite this photo shoots suppose to be full 4 of us, Zhihan decided not to come when we were booking the session. What to do, taking photos seem to be his biggest fear next to roller coaster. So, he give this a missed.
Enjoy our selcas shoots!!
The photos are all taken by dslr, so I'm sure the quality is HD!
Can see all my flaws~~ 
 photo 1001169_10151661810812430_1536636658_n.jpg  photo 992995_10151657508632430_1619091834_n.jpg  photo 7210_10151657514872430_897661218_n.jpg  photo 8644_10151657514662430_196529325_n.jpg  photo 184529_10151657519317430_1500166217_n.jpg  photo 375591_10151657516752430_1770879194_n.jpg  photo 5837_10151657502547430_1784970311_n.jpg  photo 954700_10151657518052430_2002293172_n.jpg  photo 954701_10151657511997430_1653101836_n.jpg
Kaikeng and me were really tired, so we decided to sit down to take this photo.

 photo 944433_10151657503012430_1302670956_n.jpg
Love her~

 photo 400694_10151657510812430_1104819476_n.jpg  photo 968940_10151657505867430_1663177525_n.jpg  photo 995665_10151657504397430_586703994_n.jpg  photo 983985_10151657507167430_855189461_n.jpg  photo 998879_10151657505152430_1357487608_n.jpg  photo 994811_10151657508012430_1573272265_n.jpg  photo 994765_10151657505962430_1776211102_n.jpg  photo 1002947_10151657510027430_29388280_n.jpg
I love my "trying-to-act-like-high-fashion-model-but-fail" face!

 photo 1017213_10151657517052430_913226789_n.jpg
I think Low Kaikeng is trying to kill me with that "weapon"
 photo 1012638_10151657512422430_557210438_n.jpg  photo 943609_10151657516377430_1508790981_n.jpg
Photobomb succeeded!
 photo 509_10151657507867430_1311252425_n.jpg
End up I become the photographer to help them click the clicker because I was way to tired to think of what to  pose and what to take as a prop.

 photo 1001153_10151657516202430_1015115050_n.jpg

 photo 1013911_10151661811802430_1703777868_n.jpg
After the photoshoot, we waited for Zhihan to arrive with the cake for Kaikeng before we headed over to hungry chimps to have our dinner!! Then, we decided to head over to 313 Starbucks to chill out before heading home. Chit chatting and endless of teasing on Puaysee always make our day!
Especially when the 3 of us gang up to tease her. Her reactions are totally priceless!!! Super funny and glad that our outings or meetups are always full of laughter and photos!!! 

For those who are interested in engaging their service, you can check out their Facebook or their website.
In short, Cheezz Studio provide you with a studio and a single colour backdrop which you can camwhore with your friends with a dslr and professional lighting! (Yay! No more dull or unnatural lighting!). The minimum time if I'm not wrong is 30 minutes and the amount varies with paxs. The more people you have, the cheaper the price will be.

Props are fully provided and you can use any of their props without being charged. Of course, unless you dirty and damage it you would have to pay for it. And no shoes allow!! Unless you're like Puaysee who bring in your own clean shoes. Kaikeng and me didn't know so we had to take the photos with our socks. But hey! My socks are cute okay!

Lastly no matter how many photos you took within that session, you will be able to bring home all the photos in a dvd. So, not to worry if you took over 1000 photos, the assistance will help you burn into a dvd and take home it! The only downside is, even unglam photos will be included!

It's a really fun experience and you will totally enjoy it with your bunch of good friends!
Tons of laughter and being silly.

Cheezz Studio
Cheezz Studio @ FB
35 Selegie Road,
Parklane Shopping Mall #03-15,
Singapore 188307
Tel: (65) 6333 3128/91124058

P/S: Do remember to book a appointment before going down!! Their slots are always full! So book in advance to prevent disappointment!

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