Monday, June 10, 2013

Hong Kong Trip - Day 1

Hello everyone! So, I'm here to blog about the HongKong trip which happen just a few weeks ago!
Because I am really excited about this trip as I never really been to Hong Kong. Let's just exclude the 1st time I went Hong Kong trip with my school band as I didn't get to shop much and well, what can you expect from a school band trip right ? 

So, this trip was actually quite an impromptu trip for me at the first place and I wasn't suppose to go with J. It was my sister who saw the promotion for Singapore Airline (SIA) that 2 ways trip for Hong Kong cost about 500+ and initially we wanted to go as a family and I told J about this promotion. In the end, my family could not made it and J wanted to go Hong Kong to shop for his "Label" (haha he's so gonna to kill me if he saw this). Surprisingly my mum actually allowed me to go with him!

We started planning this trip around March and to be honest I never pinned much hope about going to Hong Kong because I didn't really enjoyed myself the previous time but I was totally surprise how much I had enjoyed myself in this trip and I think I just shopped for like almost 6 let's just say 3 months worth of clothing. 

I was actually kind of disappointed that I didn't manage to get any footwear from Hong Kong so this mean I will have to spend and buy new footwear in Singapore. Other than that, I think I had the BEST time shopping for apparels. 

The foods was the BOMBS!! CAN'T STOP EATING OVER THERE!! ALL THE STREET FOODS SERIOUSLY!!! And their 茶餐厅 (old school cafe?) seriously last warning! IT'S TOO AWESOME NOT TO EAT EVERYDAY!! 

Enough of the rambling and let's start about the trip!!!

Our flight is in the morning about 7am (which is good!), we had to wake up extremely early because we wanted to check in 2 hours beforehand so that we don't have to rush and I can enjoy shopping inside the terminal (duty free price different is seriously A LOT). After loitering around the airport for an hour or so, we can board the flight! Can't wait for the foods to come!!

 photo SAM_2694.jpg  photo IMG_2578.jpg
I manage to catch an episode of Shinhwa Broadcast! Love it!!

 photo IMG_2579.jpg
I had the window seat and i realize everyone is taking photo of the plane's wings so I took it too.

 photo IMG_2586.jpg
We had a coach to fetch us to our hotel which is located at the most awesome place!!!
Stanford Hotel, despite being 3 stars I think the place location make up to it.
Plus the room wasn't that bad. Just smaller and with older furniture.

 photo IMG_2580.jpg
Wash up, unpack and change to a clean tee to start our adventure around our hotel area!

 photo SAM_2698.jpg  photo SAM_2699.jpg  photo SAM_2700.jpg  photo SAM_2704.jpg  photo SAM_2703.jpg  photo IMG_2581.jpg
This is the BEST pork chop baked rice I ever had!!
The portion is so huge that we can share and still feel filling!
How awesome it is?
The texture of the meat and the veggies. Seriously, I can have that almost every single day!
Plus it was about SGD$10 or lesser.

Oh ya! We saw J's friends who was in the same flight as us at the same shopping centre and for the next day I think! Haha!

 photo SAM_2705.jpg  photo SAM_2708.jpg    photo IMG_2585.jpg
Curry fishballs. MY FAVOURITE!!
I ate this for i think 2/3 days?

 photo IMG_2583.jpg
Isn't their limited edition eclipse so nice??
I think they launch it quite awhile.. I couldn't find it at a lot of their 7-11 stores.

So, let's talk about some shopping stuffs!!

Because our hotel is located at such a wonderful location, right in front of us is ladies' street.
I am really bad at bargaining and when the stall vendors start to like being fierce or loud at me, I will just give in. WHICH IS BAD! I didn't bargain a lot on my first day so you can guess it, they probably earned quite a lot of my money.

The tip is, please BARGAIN!! To bargain, cut their quote price into HALF! YES! HALF or more!! Then slowly rise the price. Sadly, I didn't. I only cut like a few dollars. Because they seem really mean to me! J wasn't good at bargaining too so sigh.. I think you can roughly guess what happen.

Next MUST visit place for girls is Argyle Centre, aka Mongkok Centre 旺角中心 !! MUST GO! Even Puaysee whatsapp me while I'm in Hong Kong to go there shop till I'm drop and that's what exactly happen to me. I think I spent almost 3/4 of my money over there. NO JOKE!

But it will be super boring for the guys. Poor J accompanied there twice without shopping. I'm glad he didn't complain and still offer to help me carry my loots because I wanted to shop. (Maybe he's trying to make me feel guilty! Since I feel guilty easily haha.). 
Joke aside, seriously just go there shop. The quality isn't the best but the price definitely is the BEST you can ever find!

E.g: A shop that sell all kind of bags (from backpacks to clutches) at 2 for HKD$100 (about SGD$16)!!!!

They have naraya over in Hong Kong too! It's just opposite Argyle Centre! That whole street has so much things to shop!! Will try to include more shopping places I can remember despite not having photos.

We were trying to fully enjoy ourselves and I kept my camera in J's bag most of the time. So I didn't want him to keep opening his bag. :X

Sorry for the lacked of photos but will try to update day 2 soon!

Stanford HongKong
118 Soy Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel:(852) 2781 1881
Fax:(852) 2388 3733

P.S: I booked my hotel through Chan's brother back in Natas fair

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