Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hong Kong Trip - Day 3

It was the day we went Hong Kong Disneyland!!!
Super happy and we started our day by eating their traditional breakfast nearby to our hotel.
Love the service and the foods!
And glad that it didn't rain that day. So, enjoy these photos as I have nothing to caption them.

We tried most of the exciting rides and walked around to wait for the time for fireworks!!!
I love fireworks! (:
I will try to get some videos from J to combine them soon!

 photo IMG_2602.jpg  photo IMG_2603.jpg  photo IMG_2604.jpg  photo SAM_2789.jpg  photo SAM_2792.jpg  photo SAM_2800.jpg  photo SAM_2815.jpg  photo SAM_2818.jpg  photo SAM_2819.jpg  photo SAM_2820.jpg  photo SAM_2823.jpg  photo SAM_2825.jpg  photo SAM_2827.jpg  photo SAM_2830.jpg  photo SAM_2834.jpg  photo SAM_2835.jpg  photo SAM_2851.jpg  photo SAM_2860.jpg  photo SAM_2866.jpg  photo SAM_2868.jpg  photo SAM_2876.jpg  photo SAM_2879.jpg  photo SAM_2883.jpg  photo SAM_2884-1.jpg  photo SAM_2885.jpg  photo 1013421_10151724157312489_5474022_n.jpg  photo SAM_2918.jpg  photo 1025307_10151724157452489_579173841_o.jpg  photo 1013414_10151724156487489_2009296559_n.jpg  photo 942303_10151724157607489_224920785_n.jpg  photo 1048544_10151724157732489_1891680194_o.jpg  photo 1048231_10151724157822489_1637101351_o.jpg

Till the next entry,

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