Saturday, June 22, 2013

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick #14 Corail In Touch

Hello everybody~
This is going to be another lipstick review that I got at the duty free. ( I LOVE DUTY FREE. If only I can go in and purchase a few more items!)
Also, I'm trying to clear all my posts so that I can slack off when school start. *guilty smile*
So let's get started!!

Frankly speaking, I read up a few reviews and most beauty gurus swear by this lipstick being the almost perfect lipstick and raves about it countless time. However, I always have this concept that certain beauty gurus are actually paid to do so or they just giving excuses to purchase even more high end products. Until I came across a few reviewers are not that popular giving a much more in depth reviews such as the texture and stuffs.

So, most people are saying this lipstick aren't drying(which is good!) but not as long lasting as some drugstore and there are definitely a better high end lipstick than YSL and we are basically paying for the packaging and the name. And feel more like gloss rather than lipstick. But the moment i saw the price in duty free compare to Singapore YSL retail store, I'M SOLD! (RTP: SGD$49/49.90 | Duty free: SGD$35.40)

This colour wasn't the colour I initially wanted. I wanted #15 Corail Intuitive because it's a nude colour and seem to be more wearable. But it was out of stocks and I decided to get this. Despite trying to find review on this particular colour, I can hardly find any. Is this colour that unpopular??

Can we take a sec to see how beautiful the packaging is?
 No doubt, one of the nicer and fancier lipstick packaging I had encountered. 
 photo SAM_3016.jpg  photo SAM_3014.jpg  photo SAM_3017.jpg
 photo SAM_3020.jpg  photo SAM_3021.jpg You can see that the lipstick seem to be very orange in the packaging but once it's being swatch,
it's actually wearable. Light orange with a hint of pink? Almost like my favourite Topshop lipstick (Oh la la).
I wasn't worry that the lipstick will look too orange on me because I wanted an orange lipstick anyway. Despite me loving red lip, J and my mum doesn't seem to like it and it attract quite a lot of attention when I wear some bright/ bold colour in Singapore.

Overall, the pigmentation of the lipstick is definitely worth the price. It is very easy to glide on and the staying power wasn't that bad. But definitely need to reapply it if you want to have the same consistency.
The scent smell like MANGO! Love it! But for the packaging and the name, I'm sure most people will be buying it despite the steep price tag.

Like the name say, the finish of this lipstick is shiny and the other shades are pretty bold and have a cool undertone. Only a few will be suitable for me as I have a warm undertone plus I don't actually dare to wear bold colours other than red.. (secretly I bought a purple lipstick and have actually wore it out.)

That's all for this review!
Do you have any other lipstick to recommend? High end or drugstore I will have a look!
I am actually guilty for buying this lipstick just for the packaging at first.



  1. Hi girl, came here while i was googling on reviews on their (YSL) this line of lipsticks. After reading your post, i totally agree with you and find that i had similar thinking as well. It's like even when you wear red out, ppl here will just keep staring at you. Anyway, ive tried their rouge volupte #33 only. It's not the Shine version. I find that the lipstick bleeds in to my lip line and quite difficult to remove completely. However, the colour is SUPERB! Totally love their pigment!
    I would love to get the Shine version #13 (bright coral red) and #3/#19 (deep purple/bright fushcia - which i saw on other bloggers' review on them. I hope to wear purple out too... hopefully one day. ) haha.. anyway do check them out. And, #3 was actually YSL's director's fav pick and it's only available in Asia. But i just find it difficult to wear, as in you have to go with a full face make up i guess.

    Anyway. thanks for the review :) I, too, felt guilty because of getting the lipstick due to the super glamorous packaging! haha..

    1. Hi! Firstly, thanks for commenting!

      Hmm perhaps the shine version is more of a "light weight" lipstick ? It doesn't seem to bleed on me, maybe you can use a lip liner under it?

      Usually my lipstick would be gone by the end of the day if I didn't touched up during the day. You can try soaking the cotton pad with makeup remover and place it on your lip for a few minutes before wiping off? Normally this trick work for me. (:

      I don't really wear purple because of the cool undertone, but will definitely check it out!!!

      Gwen :D