Monday, July 29, 2013


Hello everyone!
Today, I have another review to make.
I know most products I had reviews seem to be really great..
However, this brand Ettusais is currently the only brand that make me a little disappointed.

Let me start with how I get to know about this brand.
Few years ago, a favourite blogger of mine was part of the Ettusais blogger and we can go down to any Ettusais counter for a free makeover!

From the makeover session, I went ahead to purchase their pencil eyeliner in brown (SGD $22) and acne sebum off kit (SGD $34).
They also gave me some free sample to test it out.

The sebum off kit work really well for me. In fact I love the kit and I think it's really worth buying if you are looking for a strong peel off mask. 
However for the pencil eyeliner, I ended up throwing it away. It just so hard to get the colour to my eyes. I think my eyelid ended up looking red instead of brown because of all the tugging. You have to really use FORCE to draw in order to see the colour. 
I realized it's not worth it to damage my delicate eyes area and decided to toss it away wasting my $22. 
Maybe the liquid liner would be better but nah, not going to try again.

As for the free sample, I was given the acne skin version up and aqua shooter. I tested it out and it doesn't break me out. But during that time I was using my clinique skincare, I decided to finish using that before I purchase from Ettusais.

So, when I decided to purchase the daily skincare products, the sale assistance told me to get the travel/ trial set before purchasing full sized products (Thanks god I didn't purchase the full sized items).

The travel/ trial set come with 3 items, the acne gentle wash bar soap, acne skin version up extra and white shooter dual effect (as seen below).

I think most people who uses acne products would know that acne products tend to dry up our skin more because of the acids I think (I might be wrong). However, they claim that they are gentle enough for people with sensitive skin. So, I start to use this kits with a peace of mind since I do not have sensitive skin, I assume that it will work just fine or even better for me.

To my horror, on the 4th I began to realize the skin around my nose area start peeling. Initially I thought it was due to me not putting enough moisturizer so I being to use the moisturizer generously. But after a few days or so, the peeling no longer stay just around my nose area!! It spread to my cheeks!

 photo SAM_3059.jpgThat's when I know I have to stop using and buy another skincare products to save my peeling face.
Not to mention how disappointed I am as I have high hope for their products.
Maybe they are just not suitable for my skin even though it seem to work perfectly for my friend and bloggers.

So despite me trying to clear up all my sample products, I don't think I would want to try the new version of the skin version up SUPER that I got from Blackbox. Anyone want?? Not the 2 bottles as I had kept them for a long time and guess they are expired.

Till then, I will see you girls next time!

P/S: For anyone who are curious, I have combination - dry skin that are acne prone.  

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Antoinette High Tea @ Mandarin Gallery

A few days ago, my mum, my eldest sis and me decided to went for high tea as I did not have any classes that day and both of them are clearing their leave. My sister decided to bring us over to her favourite place to have high tea.

We went to Antoinette for high tea located at Mandarin Gallery and the air con is freezing cold!! Seriously!
Although I had eaten the cakes and macaroons (which btw, taste really good and fantastic but expensive), I have never had high tea over there. In fact, I don't think I have really went for a proper high tea. Haha.

 photo 296277_10151509940826837_1515035438_n.jpg  photo 945681_10151509940971837_1444986757_n.jpg  photo 971122_10151509940796837_2051224491_n.jpg

We ordered the high tea set for 2 which cost SGD$60++ including of 2 drinks.
As there were 3 of us, they asked if we wanted to top up another $30++ for additional pax.

Anyway when the three tier finger foods came, we thought we will be able to finish it within a few bites. In the end we couldn't finish everything. If you're like eating sweet desserts, maybe this would not really suit you. Because I think only the 1st tier are fill with sweet items and a chocolate puffs (I can't remember the proper term for it) are sweets , the rest are more toward the salty kinds of desserts which I like it!

I ordered a hot chocolate (which I have no idea what its called as they have 3 different types of hot chocolate) which I didn't really enjoy. To me, I think the consistency is too thick for my liking. Ended up I prefer drinking the plain water. However, if you love thick hot chocolate this will definitely be your favourite.

Overall, the service at the restaurant is really nice and the ambiance is "attas" (high class) but cozy because of the couch(plush was given to sofa seat!). 
If you are someone who are afraid of cold, please bring a jacket over because it is really really cold!
Even my mum who wasn't scare of cold was feeling freezing over there.

I will definitely go back to have some of their main courses on the menu next time.
Such as waffle, crepe and many more!
I was drooling as I browse the menu but my sis wanted to have the high tea set. (Damn it! xD )
Only when I have spare cash or wants to reward myself.

Antoniette @ FB
Mandarin Gallery #02-33/34
333A Orchard Road
 Singapore 238897
Tel: 68369527

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Empties Products

 photo SAM_3047.jpg

First empties ever! I'm always happy I managed to use up my products!!
As I always can't seem to use them up and end up throwing them away as it was old.
Got this idea from 1 of my friend! Charmaine!!
So, let's get started!!!!

Eskulin hand sanitizer : Work just like a normal sanitizer. Bought it because Tigger is on it and it's orange scented!

Opti- Free Replenish Solution : Used to use this particular brand before I switch to another brand. Back to this brand and still feel it's one of the better solution that my eyes doesn't feel irritated.

Liese Juicy Shower : Moisturizing hair mist because I prefer to spray the product on rather than using oil product. Don't really feel any different from using this product but definitely make my hair smell really nice. Berry scented!

Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail : Just like what the name say, did help to detangle my hair and it has a very nice flora scent. Did help in my hair frizziness and become very smooth looking. The only downside is, it makes my toilet floor become slippery.

Watsons Almond Oil body scrub : Worked exactly like a scrub. Make my skin feel soft and moist especially at certain areas such as kneecaps, elbows and I also use it on my underarms to scrub away all the dead skins. However, the mircobeads can be a little harsh for people with sensitive skin. But worth the try since it's affordable!

The Body Shop shower gel, Strawberry : People who have used body shops' products will know that their scents are usually very strong and will make you smell really good! However, I don't really like the feeling after washing the product off my body. It still give me the "oily" feeling as if I didn't wash off the product properly. But will repurchase again if I want to smell like strawberry. Haha.

Revlon Photoready concealer : 1 of the best concealer I had ever use! It really cover up my dark circle almost completely! There's slight shimmer in it but not very noticeable. I think the shimmer help to reflect light thus giving a flawless look when we are taking photo. Really like this product a lot!

Estetica Sunshield : I got it from Blackbox and decided to start using all my sample! Feel pretty alright, texture is really smooth and the product come out pinkish. However, I think this product can only get from Estetica itself.

Loreal Revitalift Laser X3 : These 2 are also sample from Blackbox, a serum and cream. Use both at the same time and I really feel a different using this product. I think because it's an anti aging products and I have never use any anti-aging products before so I guess that's why I can see a different at such a short period of time. Skin feel tighter and smoother. Still using the products because I have extra sample.

Laneige Sliding Pact Snow Crystal : I FINALLY FINISHED MY FOUNDATION! I have never used up completely a powder. Haha. this powder is very fine, doesn't feel cakey. I guess because this powder is just to set your makeup. However, Laneige has decided to discontinue this compact. Guess they want to focus on their new range. Damn sad.. I went to a few Laneige counters to check with them and they don't even sell the refills.

Watsons Facial wipes : Not going to deny I was skeptical to try this initially. Because I was worried that it might cause breakout or it is not going to worth it. However to my surprise, these wipes actually wipe off light makeup and give a refreshing feeling! Definitely worth the price I paid ($1 per pack).

Colgate Optic White toothpaste : This toothpaste make me feel that my teeth definitely become whiter. Might be psychology but still, somehow I think it works? But the price is on the pricey side. Trying out another whitening toothpaste now.

That's all for my first product empties!!
I wonder when will my next empties be. Since I can use a product for a long period of time.
Till then,

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Foods with TPS

Puaysee, being adventurous decided that we should head down to Grin Affair after she read the post on Ladyironchef. 
It was a little hard to find the place though but I'm sure people who like cake and special "hidden" cafe will like the place!!

 photo 20130625_151423.jpg  photo 20130625_151437.jpg  photo 20130625_151034.jpg  photo 20130625_151017.jpg  photo 20130625_150015.jpg  photo 20130625_150914.jpg  photo 20130625_145925.jpg  photo 20130625_145940.jpg  photo 20130625_150004.jpg
Bought her a present for her birthday before she fly off to celebrate her birthday!
Hope you like the present and the card!!! (:

 photo IMG-20130625-WA0002.jpg  photo 20130625_145911.jpg
Our Strawberry and Hazelnut cakes!
The cake is moist and soft! Almost melt instantly! 
It feel like tiramisu! But with strawberry/ hazelnut flavours!
If I'm not wrong, the price range from $5 to $5.50

Although from the photos, the place look quite bright but in reality the place is quite dark. However it's not those scary or eerier kind , just not that bright? But still very cosy. 
There are several seats available so you can definitely eat and chills with your friends over there.
Do take notes that the place isn't huge, and the cakes are worth trying!  

3 Everton Park, #01-77A 
Singapore 080003
Tel: +65 8282 7375 

Since the area has basically nothing to shop, we decided to head over to Vivocity to shop!
Decided to have dinner over at The King Louis. Because we have never seen this restaurant before and the pricing is reasonable. 
The views over at the restaurant is great! Just opposite Sentosa's Resort world! 
We get to see the roller coaster and some views. Despite there were still haze that day. 
 photo 20130625_182538.jpg  photo 20130625_165230.jpg  photo 20130625_171643.jpg  photo ee1e2dee-932b-452a-b252-41ddf90db6e0.jpg  photo 20130625_170244.jpg  photo 20130625_170333.jpg
The foods were pretty good. Just a little oily for my Fish and Chip though. The portion is really huge! I couldn't finish it!

But I think Puaysee enjoyed her grilled chicken. Try a little and I think it's really juicy! And the potatoes! Really very nice! Even though she doesn't like potatoes, she find them delicious! 

I think the foods are definitely on the oilier side, but that does not mean it's not delicious! 
The ambience is really good. I'm sure the views will be better at night with all the lighting. Perfect for chilling with a group of friends!

The King Louis Grill and Bar
1 Harbourfront Walk #03-07A
Vivocity Singapore 098585 
Tel: 6276 0862
Fax : 6276 0863

Lastly, Happy Birthday TPS !! :D

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hong Kong Trip Day - 4 & 5

Actually, I just realized that we didn't took any photos during day 4 of our trip.
Because we went shopping at Time Square, Sogo and walked around that area the whole night before heading back to our hotel area.

1 shopping mall that guys who are into label will like it is call Trendy Zone. It is located near Mong Kok MTR. I nearly bought tons of labels there but thank god I didn't want to use my card. Really, the whole level is filled with labels regarding international or their own Hong Kong labels. You will definitely find something you like it!

Trendy Zone (Most label shops are located at B1)
580A Nathan Road,
Mong Kok, Kowloon

Another nice shopping area around Mong kok which is Langham Place.
At first we thought it will be quite far from our hotel but actually, it's walk-able distance!
However, we didn't get to shop the whole mall. We went there mostly for their H&M.

Langham Place
8 Argyle Street,
Mong Kok, Kowloon

For Day 5 of our Hong Kong trip, we decided to go to Ocean Park!
I have never been to Ocean park and so does J. And we been hearing a lot of raves about it ever since their renovation.

I can't remember exactly which MTR station we alighted at, but once you alighted at the station there will be sign leading you to the bus interchange whereby you can purchase the park tickets and bus transportation tickets. (You can also use the octopus card to take the bus, but our cards were running short of cash.)

Do purchase your park tickets at the bus interchange because once we reached there, the queue for purchasing the tickets were really LONG. So, we were the lucky one that bought the tickets beforehand.
The park close at 7pm but I will advice to leave the park slightly earlier. Even though the bus came pretty quickly (15 minutes interval), but the queue was really long.

So, we left pretty early because the queue for most rides were really long. Almost all the roller coasters or fun ride need to wait for an average of 60 minutes each. We only get to play those kiddy rides, went to look at the animals and play the gaming booth. (Which J won me a huge bag of plushies.)

 photo IMG_2624.jpg  photo IMG_2625.jpg  photo IMG_2623.jpg  photo 1016503_10151724160187489_1448460167_n.jpg  photo 1258_10151724160212489_1298103414_n.jpg  photo 1044830_10151724165697489_230943148_n.jpg  photo 1039995_10151724166222489_830132028_o.jpg  photo 1052231_10151724167342489_294082539_o.jpg  photo 1040403_10151724170517489_1550615398_o.jpg  photo 1025995_10151724167907489_317775814_o.jpg  photo 1044841_10151724167777489_1405413502_n.jpg  photo 7964_10151724169507489_1834207758_n.jpg  photo 1013050_10151724168632489_449981441_n.jpg  photo 1045238_10151724167877489_519926972_n.jpg  photo 1002818_10151724169232489_856073831_n.jpg
And we end off our day with their Macdonald! Love it!!
The pork burger and their black forest mcflurry!!

The next update will be our last day in Hong Kong.
Hopefully I will get that up soon because school is starting very soon for me :(
Till then~ Bye!!