Sunday, July 21, 2013

Antoinette High Tea @ Mandarin Gallery

A few days ago, my mum, my eldest sis and me decided to went for high tea as I did not have any classes that day and both of them are clearing their leave. My sister decided to bring us over to her favourite place to have high tea.

We went to Antoinette for high tea located at Mandarin Gallery and the air con is freezing cold!! Seriously!
Although I had eaten the cakes and macaroons (which btw, taste really good and fantastic but expensive), I have never had high tea over there. In fact, I don't think I have really went for a proper high tea. Haha.

 photo 296277_10151509940826837_1515035438_n.jpg  photo 945681_10151509940971837_1444986757_n.jpg  photo 971122_10151509940796837_2051224491_n.jpg

We ordered the high tea set for 2 which cost SGD$60++ including of 2 drinks.
As there were 3 of us, they asked if we wanted to top up another $30++ for additional pax.

Anyway when the three tier finger foods came, we thought we will be able to finish it within a few bites. In the end we couldn't finish everything. If you're like eating sweet desserts, maybe this would not really suit you. Because I think only the 1st tier are fill with sweet items and a chocolate puffs (I can't remember the proper term for it) are sweets , the rest are more toward the salty kinds of desserts which I like it!

I ordered a hot chocolate (which I have no idea what its called as they have 3 different types of hot chocolate) which I didn't really enjoy. To me, I think the consistency is too thick for my liking. Ended up I prefer drinking the plain water. However, if you love thick hot chocolate this will definitely be your favourite.

Overall, the service at the restaurant is really nice and the ambiance is "attas" (high class) but cozy because of the couch(plush was given to sofa seat!). 
If you are someone who are afraid of cold, please bring a jacket over because it is really really cold!
Even my mum who wasn't scare of cold was feeling freezing over there.

I will definitely go back to have some of their main courses on the menu next time.
Such as waffle, crepe and many more!
I was drooling as I browse the menu but my sis wanted to have the high tea set. (Damn it! xD )
Only when I have spare cash or wants to reward myself.

Antoniette @ FB
Mandarin Gallery #02-33/34
333A Orchard Road
 Singapore 238897
Tel: 68369527


  1. I love Antionette too! I am so going back there to have my high tea soon <3

    If you try their main course, try their soup, there's one with caramelized onion and it is amazing! Servings are huge too!

    <3 Celly

    1. I wanted to try their main course!
      Maybe I'll find a chance to go back and try what you recommended!!