Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Empties Products

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First empties ever! I'm always happy I managed to use up my products!!
As I always can't seem to use them up and end up throwing them away as it was old.
Got this idea from 1 of my friend! Charmaine!!
So, let's get started!!!!

Eskulin hand sanitizer : Work just like a normal sanitizer. Bought it because Tigger is on it and it's orange scented!

Opti- Free Replenish Solution : Used to use this particular brand before I switch to another brand. Back to this brand and still feel it's one of the better solution that my eyes doesn't feel irritated.

Liese Juicy Shower : Moisturizing hair mist because I prefer to spray the product on rather than using oil product. Don't really feel any different from using this product but definitely make my hair smell really nice. Berry scented!

Liese Smooth Hair Cocktail : Just like what the name say, did help to detangle my hair and it has a very nice flora scent. Did help in my hair frizziness and become very smooth looking. The only downside is, it makes my toilet floor become slippery.

Watsons Almond Oil body scrub : Worked exactly like a scrub. Make my skin feel soft and moist especially at certain areas such as kneecaps, elbows and I also use it on my underarms to scrub away all the dead skins. However, the mircobeads can be a little harsh for people with sensitive skin. But worth the try since it's affordable!

The Body Shop shower gel, Strawberry : People who have used body shops' products will know that their scents are usually very strong and will make you smell really good! However, I don't really like the feeling after washing the product off my body. It still give me the "oily" feeling as if I didn't wash off the product properly. But will repurchase again if I want to smell like strawberry. Haha.

Revlon Photoready concealer : 1 of the best concealer I had ever use! It really cover up my dark circle almost completely! There's slight shimmer in it but not very noticeable. I think the shimmer help to reflect light thus giving a flawless look when we are taking photo. Really like this product a lot!

Estetica Sunshield : I got it from Blackbox and decided to start using all my sample! Feel pretty alright, texture is really smooth and the product come out pinkish. However, I think this product can only get from Estetica itself.

Loreal Revitalift Laser X3 : These 2 are also sample from Blackbox, a serum and cream. Use both at the same time and I really feel a different using this product. I think because it's an anti aging products and I have never use any anti-aging products before so I guess that's why I can see a different at such a short period of time. Skin feel tighter and smoother. Still using the products because I have extra sample.

Laneige Sliding Pact Snow Crystal : I FINALLY FINISHED MY FOUNDATION! I have never used up completely a powder. Haha. this powder is very fine, doesn't feel cakey. I guess because this powder is just to set your makeup. However, Laneige has decided to discontinue this compact. Guess they want to focus on their new range. Damn sad.. I went to a few Laneige counters to check with them and they don't even sell the refills.

Watsons Facial wipes : Not going to deny I was skeptical to try this initially. Because I was worried that it might cause breakout or it is not going to worth it. However to my surprise, these wipes actually wipe off light makeup and give a refreshing feeling! Definitely worth the price I paid ($1 per pack).

Colgate Optic White toothpaste : This toothpaste make me feel that my teeth definitely become whiter. Might be psychology but still, somehow I think it works? But the price is on the pricey side. Trying out another whitening toothpaste now.

That's all for my first product empties!!
I wonder when will my next empties be. Since I can use a product for a long period of time.
Till then,

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