Monday, July 29, 2013


Hello everyone!
Today, I have another review to make.
I know most products I had reviews seem to be really great..
However, this brand Ettusais is currently the only brand that make me a little disappointed.

Let me start with how I get to know about this brand.
Few years ago, a favourite blogger of mine was part of the Ettusais blogger and we can go down to any Ettusais counter for a free makeover!

From the makeover session, I went ahead to purchase their pencil eyeliner in brown (SGD $22) and acne sebum off kit (SGD $34).
They also gave me some free sample to test it out.

The sebum off kit work really well for me. In fact I love the kit and I think it's really worth buying if you are looking for a strong peel off mask. 
However for the pencil eyeliner, I ended up throwing it away. It just so hard to get the colour to my eyes. I think my eyelid ended up looking red instead of brown because of all the tugging. You have to really use FORCE to draw in order to see the colour. 
I realized it's not worth it to damage my delicate eyes area and decided to toss it away wasting my $22. 
Maybe the liquid liner would be better but nah, not going to try again.

As for the free sample, I was given the acne skin version up and aqua shooter. I tested it out and it doesn't break me out. But during that time I was using my clinique skincare, I decided to finish using that before I purchase from Ettusais.

So, when I decided to purchase the daily skincare products, the sale assistance told me to get the travel/ trial set before purchasing full sized products (Thanks god I didn't purchase the full sized items).

The travel/ trial set come with 3 items, the acne gentle wash bar soap, acne skin version up extra and white shooter dual effect (as seen below).

I think most people who uses acne products would know that acne products tend to dry up our skin more because of the acids I think (I might be wrong). However, they claim that they are gentle enough for people with sensitive skin. So, I start to use this kits with a peace of mind since I do not have sensitive skin, I assume that it will work just fine or even better for me.

To my horror, on the 4th I began to realize the skin around my nose area start peeling. Initially I thought it was due to me not putting enough moisturizer so I being to use the moisturizer generously. But after a few days or so, the peeling no longer stay just around my nose area!! It spread to my cheeks!

 photo SAM_3059.jpgThat's when I know I have to stop using and buy another skincare products to save my peeling face.
Not to mention how disappointed I am as I have high hope for their products.
Maybe they are just not suitable for my skin even though it seem to work perfectly for my friend and bloggers.

So despite me trying to clear up all my sample products, I don't think I would want to try the new version of the skin version up SUPER that I got from Blackbox. Anyone want?? Not the 2 bottles as I had kept them for a long time and guess they are expired.

Till then, I will see you girls next time!

P/S: For anyone who are curious, I have combination - dry skin that are acne prone.  

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