Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Foods with TPS

Puaysee, being adventurous decided that we should head down to Grin Affair after she read the post on Ladyironchef. 
It was a little hard to find the place though but I'm sure people who like cake and special "hidden" cafe will like the place!!

 photo 20130625_151423.jpg  photo 20130625_151437.jpg  photo 20130625_151034.jpg  photo 20130625_151017.jpg  photo 20130625_150015.jpg  photo 20130625_150914.jpg  photo 20130625_145925.jpg  photo 20130625_145940.jpg  photo 20130625_150004.jpg
Bought her a present for her birthday before she fly off to celebrate her birthday!
Hope you like the present and the card!!! (:

 photo IMG-20130625-WA0002.jpg  photo 20130625_145911.jpg
Our Strawberry and Hazelnut cakes!
The cake is moist and soft! Almost melt instantly! 
It feel like tiramisu! But with strawberry/ hazelnut flavours!
If I'm not wrong, the price range from $5 to $5.50

Although from the photos, the place look quite bright but in reality the place is quite dark. However it's not those scary or eerier kind , just not that bright? But still very cosy. 
There are several seats available so you can definitely eat and chills with your friends over there.
Do take notes that the place isn't huge, and the cakes are worth trying!  

3 Everton Park, #01-77A 
Singapore 080003
Tel: +65 8282 7375 

Since the area has basically nothing to shop, we decided to head over to Vivocity to shop!
Decided to have dinner over at The King Louis. Because we have never seen this restaurant before and the pricing is reasonable. 
The views over at the restaurant is great! Just opposite Sentosa's Resort world! 
We get to see the roller coaster and some views. Despite there were still haze that day. 
 photo 20130625_182538.jpg  photo 20130625_165230.jpg  photo 20130625_171643.jpg  photo ee1e2dee-932b-452a-b252-41ddf90db6e0.jpg  photo 20130625_170244.jpg  photo 20130625_170333.jpg
The foods were pretty good. Just a little oily for my Fish and Chip though. The portion is really huge! I couldn't finish it!

But I think Puaysee enjoyed her grilled chicken. Try a little and I think it's really juicy! And the potatoes! Really very nice! Even though she doesn't like potatoes, she find them delicious! 

I think the foods are definitely on the oilier side, but that does not mean it's not delicious! 
The ambience is really good. I'm sure the views will be better at night with all the lighting. Perfect for chilling with a group of friends!

The King Louis Grill and Bar
1 Harbourfront Walk #03-07A
Vivocity Singapore 098585 
Tel: 6276 0862
Fax : 6276 0863

Lastly, Happy Birthday TPS !! :D

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