Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hong Kong Trip Day - 4 & 5

Actually, I just realized that we didn't took any photos during day 4 of our trip.
Because we went shopping at Time Square, Sogo and walked around that area the whole night before heading back to our hotel area.

1 shopping mall that guys who are into label will like it is call Trendy Zone. It is located near Mong Kok MTR. I nearly bought tons of labels there but thank god I didn't want to use my card. Really, the whole level is filled with labels regarding international or their own Hong Kong labels. You will definitely find something you like it!

Trendy Zone (Most label shops are located at B1)
580A Nathan Road,
Mong Kok, Kowloon

Another nice shopping area around Mong kok which is Langham Place.
At first we thought it will be quite far from our hotel but actually, it's walk-able distance!
However, we didn't get to shop the whole mall. We went there mostly for their H&M.

Langham Place
8 Argyle Street,
Mong Kok, Kowloon

For Day 5 of our Hong Kong trip, we decided to go to Ocean Park!
I have never been to Ocean park and so does J. And we been hearing a lot of raves about it ever since their renovation.

I can't remember exactly which MTR station we alighted at, but once you alighted at the station there will be sign leading you to the bus interchange whereby you can purchase the park tickets and bus transportation tickets. (You can also use the octopus card to take the bus, but our cards were running short of cash.)

Do purchase your park tickets at the bus interchange because once we reached there, the queue for purchasing the tickets were really LONG. So, we were the lucky one that bought the tickets beforehand.
The park close at 7pm but I will advice to leave the park slightly earlier. Even though the bus came pretty quickly (15 minutes interval), but the queue was really long.

So, we left pretty early because the queue for most rides were really long. Almost all the roller coasters or fun ride need to wait for an average of 60 minutes each. We only get to play those kiddy rides, went to look at the animals and play the gaming booth. (Which J won me a huge bag of plushies.)

 photo IMG_2624.jpg  photo IMG_2625.jpg  photo IMG_2623.jpg  photo 1016503_10151724160187489_1448460167_n.jpg  photo 1258_10151724160212489_1298103414_n.jpg  photo 1044830_10151724165697489_230943148_n.jpg  photo 1039995_10151724166222489_830132028_o.jpg  photo 1052231_10151724167342489_294082539_o.jpg  photo 1040403_10151724170517489_1550615398_o.jpg  photo 1025995_10151724167907489_317775814_o.jpg  photo 1044841_10151724167777489_1405413502_n.jpg  photo 7964_10151724169507489_1834207758_n.jpg  photo 1013050_10151724168632489_449981441_n.jpg  photo 1045238_10151724167877489_519926972_n.jpg  photo 1002818_10151724169232489_856073831_n.jpg
And we end off our day with their Macdonald! Love it!!
The pork burger and their black forest mcflurry!!

The next update will be our last day in Hong Kong.
Hopefully I will get that up soon because school is starting very soon for me :(
Till then~ Bye!!

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