Monday, August 5, 2013



It has been awhile since I last blogged something regarding myself.
In a blink of eyes, we are already into August.
So many things had happened since the start of the year.

August and September will be my happiest month. Follow by November.
Actually, I have already much prefer the 2nd half of the year. Most of my favourite festivals happen then.
I hope this 2 months will be a good month for me but i can foresee it won't.

Despite starting school on early July, it still feel like holiday because there's always a long break after the oversea lecturers and before local lecturers took over. Then they will start rushing us for mid terms, projects and then finals. I hope I will be able to do well this sem. Especially my statistic. My number 1 hate.

There are so much rants I wanted to say regarding everything, but there's only so much I can pen it down here. I never have the habit of writing in a diary nor on microsoft word. So I guess I will just swallow it back and talk to the wall (I'm just kidding, I don't talk to the wall IRL).

Let's stay strong everybody!~
A new year will come before we know!!


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