Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blackbox July

Hello everyone!~
It's the time of the month again! To do another unboxing of the Black Box.
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 photo SAM_3061.jpg  photo SAM_3063.jpg
This month BlackBox. 
Finally non repeating items. Remember how the 1st box and 2nd box have the same items? 
This month, I received nothing repeated other than belif however the items are different from the previous month. Just repeated brand.

 photo SAM_3065.jpg
Purer Skin Miracle Serum.
I have yet to try this item but I already break the packaging.
The cap doesn't close tight anymore after I open it.
It claim to be able to reduce fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin looking younger and more radiant. 
We shall see!~

 photo SAM_3066.jpg
Super Charcoal Roasted Ipoh Coffee. 
Passed it to my mum as she love drinking coffee. 
But I think she hasn't try yet since she didn't give me any feedback of the coffee.
Looking forward to try the brown sugar one though. 

 photo SAM_3067.jpg
Belif mask packs.
Transforming peel off mask and overnight brightening mask.
Actually, I'm not a mask person but for the sake of using up all my samples,
I shall give it a try soon! I hope the brightening mask will help to give my skin some radiant the next day!!
 photo SAM_3068.jpg
Cetaphil facial cleanser. The highly raves item in Youtube and all kinds of social media platform.
I had used the product before, not really liking it nor hating it. 
But it's really gentle for the skin! It's is suitable for baby too (at least, that was what they claim)!

Take 5ive energy drink.
I don't really fancy about taking energy drink unless I really need it and usually I will choose sugar free redbull. However, J tried it before his IPPT and he feel that it does not give him any extra energy or make him any alert. Plus he say the taste isn't great too. 

Anyway if you are curious, you can always find this at the nearest 7-eleven and there are 2 different type of drink and flavours. Best of all, it has 0 sugar, calories and carbs!! 

The last item which I forgotten to take photo is the L'oreal Paris Extraordinary oil.
I don't know will it make my hair really that less frizzy but I'm currently using another L'oreal hair serum. 
Maybe i'll give it a try once i'm done with the current bottle.
That's it for this month unboxing!
To be honest, I was a little bumper when I received the items.
I guess I shouldn't read those sponsored reviews before receiving mine. Haha.
They always got the full size items and all the products in the list.
But nonetheless, I still enjoy receiving my Black Box every few months.

I look forward to try the Belif mask and also cetaphil cleanser!!
Hopefully they don't break me out! *fingers cross*

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