Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My 1st Instashop purchase!

Hello everyone!
So sorry for not posting anything for quite awhile.
I was really busy with school recently and many other things going on.

A few weeks ago, I ordered a pair of Stylenanda inspired heels from an instashop.
Because Stylenanda is really expensive. Not just the items but the shipping too. Unless I have the chance to go to their retail stores, I would try not to order online despite liking it A LOT.

So, for those who are wondering what is an instashop ??

Basically it work like blogshop. Just that they post the items they are selling through instagram and most of them would request you to leave down your number and communicate through there.
I got hooked on to it and I love searching and scrolling to see what they have to offer.

Simply search these few hashtag and you can find a lot of instashop.
#sgbased , #sgflea and #sgshop. My favourite search!!

Enough of my rambling and here's the item!!

 photo SAM_3074.jpg 
This seller actually offer smartpac service! Which a lot of blogshop didn't offer. I have no idea why, but for those who are wondering what this service is exactly about.... 
SmartPac is a new service provided by Singpost at a fixed price SGD$4.70 and is able to provide next day delivery!! As long as the seller mailed out your item before 3pm (I'm not too sure about the cut off time)!
SmartPac is able to send items up to 3kg and you will also be able to track your item with the tracking number given! 
However the seller send out my item on Friday, so I got my item on Monday as they only work on weekday. But still fast delivery from the post office!! 
For more/ detailed information, you can always check out Singpost website over here
 photo SAM_3075.jpg
The seller had already told me the item doesn't come with any box but she pack it with the bubble wrap and give me a note and free gifts. (:
That was sweet and nice of her!!

 photo SAM_3083.jpg 
The pair of heels that I had ordered for my birthday!! :D 
Glad that it actually came on time. 
For those wondering what size I ordered in case you saw some other selling the same/similar heels.
I wore a size 34. No, not that my feet are that small but the size of the heels actually runs big. 
 photo SAM_3080.jpg
Hello my fat legs~ 

For those who are interested in purchasing from the same instashop as me,
the user account is call @quirkyjumble .
Currently she's not having the Stylenanda heels pre-order, but platform sneakers and inspired new balance shoes pre-order at an affordable price!

Do checked out her instashop because she's really a nice seller!


  1. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! ^^ love these shoes you got- and I so agree Stylenanda is so $$!

    Metallic Paws

      You're my favourite fashion blogger!! *fangirl mode* haha!