Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express mascara

Hello Everyone!
Today, I am here to do a short review on Maybelline new mascara.
It's the Rocket Volum' Express that was highly hype up in Singapore.
So, here we go!

 photo SAM_3243.jpg  photo SAM_3244.jpg 
I like this kind of wand. Fats and with lots of fibers. 
However, I think this mascara was a little disappointed for me. 
And I was really excited about it and purchase it for my birthday makeup.

 photo eyes.jpg
From the picture, you can see that it doesn't really give me a lot of volume which I really need.
My lash still look very little/ fine, but it did length it slightly. 
However, this mascara did clump up when you applied more than 3 coats. 
It did flake after a few hours but,  
the good side about the flaking is it can be remove easily by swiping it away leaving no trace of mascara. 

Personally, I would not purchase this mascara again because it only give me length but what I need was volume. Also, this mascara is selling at a retail price of SGD18.90 at Watsons and most places.
Maybe I would try out their Colossal Cat Eyes mascara as it seem to give more promising result for volume and fuller eyelash.

But I will still continue to use this product until I finished it or reached 3 months.
If you want a mascara that give you length, try their lash stiletto mascara.
It really give you crazy lengthening!!

I do think that they over-hype this product or maybe this product just doesn't work for me.
I was really looking forward to because I saw the video on Xiaxue testing it and it does seem to give her volume.

Too bad for me :(

Hope you enjoy this short review!

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Cookie Museum

It's the time of the year again.
Mooncake festival~

This year, I bought mooncake not just for J's family but also my family as well.
Didn't know mooncake will cost THIS expensive.
The cost of 2 boxes of mooncake is almost half of my pay (I don't earn much anyway).

The Cookie Museum Mooncake caught my attention because well, their booth was at the end and they are more willing to serve me as compare to those big brand.
Guess they feel that I won't buy and just want to try those sample. Too bad, they lost a sale then.

I got it from Takashimaya fair at a good price. Well, most of them are selling around the same price. Ranging from SGD$40 to SGD$100+  for those with super awesome packaging and are from famous hotels.

The mooncake feature is their Mango Snowskin mooncake. I did not took any photo for the traditional mooncake since it is a gift to J's parents.

 photo SAM_3264.jpg  photo SAM_3266.jpg  photo SAM_3268.jpg
The reason why I choose to get this partly because of the cute design.
It's a rabbit! 

 photo SAM_3269.jpg
I think it's really special. The snowskin layer is make from mango follow by lotus paste, the white layer is cream cheese and the last layer is mango mousse. 
At first I thought it's going to taste weird, but surprisingly it is not! 
The cheese make the lotus paste and mango not too sweet and I really like it!
It make you feel like eating ice cream mooncake! 

I wished everyone a happy mooncake festival!
Last by not least..

 photo 544896_703541239660867_1525379161_n.jpg
Credit: SGAG

You're welcome! :D

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Samantha Vivid Vega Azayle

Hello everyone!
I'm here to do a haul? Because I got this bag for my birthday.
It's my first branded bag and although it's not a super expensive brand or high end, at least it is something that I can afford right now without burning a hole in my pocket and still suit my taste.

Initially, I do not have a "good" impression on Samantha Thavasa bag not because of the price or the brand but because they are sort of famous for making those super furry and over the top bag. So I didn't really went to take a good at their other lines.

However, when I was searching for a bag for my own present, I went into Samantha Vega located at Wisma Atria and this particular bag caught my attention! Because it is very simple and structure. The only downside of the bag to me is that the zip doesn't zip all the way. So, the side of the bag is "airy" which I feel a bit insecure if I were to bring this oversea.

So, what's the different between Samantha Thavasa and Samantha Vega?
From what I know Samantha Vega is consider as the "Economic" line from Thavasa and they have a lot more different line. Another example would be my charm. That is from Samantha Thavasa Petite. They have crazy amount of lines/ sub brands.

This bag is make from artificial leather with saffiano finish. Really love the finish because I always wanted a saffiano leather bag. However that will cause a bomb and if I were to buy a real leather bag from Samantha Thavasa (Only this line carry real leather, Vega mostly if not only carry artificial leather bag) it will cost over SGD$700 which I find it super not worth it.

Let's enjoy the beauty of this bag! :DDD

 photo SAM_3231.jpg  photo SAM_3235.jpg  photo SAM_3232.jpg  photo SAM_3236.jpg  photo SAM_3237.jpg

For those who are wondering about the price,
Samantha Vivid Vega Azayle retail for SGD$272 for the large size which is the one I have.
The bag also come in a smaller size which retail for SGD$256.

Initially I wanted the black however, they only left with the last piece on display which I don't really want to pay so much and get the display set.
So I decided to get this beige colour. They have cream, red, green, yellow, orange, hot pink, pink and many more!! So, do head down to any Samantha Vega (vivo tangs and Wisma Isetan) to see the whole range.

As for the handphone charm which I use it as my bag charm, it retail for SGD$43. I really like it because it's my favourite character Mike from Monster Inc or the latest movie, Monsters university.

Overall, I really like this bag (if not I would not have purchase it right? ) because of the simplicity and the structure of the bag. Although this wasn't the dream bag I initially wanted but it make up for it. The shape of the bag remind me of Givenchy Antigona.

Unless you're going Japan any time soon, if not I think the price is not too bad to purchase this line in Singapore. Of course Japan or maybe other countries can offer a much better price but it's okay! It's only a 1 time splurge for me.

That's all!
I hope you enjoy this review.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Empties Products - August

Hello everyone!
Have been really busy with school and work. Time is really running out for me for all my projects.
Really have no ideas how to cope with all the projects and exams. *sigh*
Anyway, I have another empties to share with you girls!

 photo SAM_3227.jpg

Watsons Cotton Pad : Their house brand cotton pad is the best imo!! Soft and normally won't tear easily. The best thing is there are always promotions on their cotton pad! Like, buy 2 get 1 free and 1 pack contain 3 separate packs. In total you will get 9 packets of cotton pads! Super worth it! But normally I only get the 3 packs as I have no space to keep them.

Watsons disposable shaver razor for men : I only use this shaver to shave my underarms. I have the Gillette Venus but whenever I used that to shave, my underarms will get all red and itchy sometime even rashes will appear. And the razor for women, i think it's useless. Can't even shave properly so I just grab the men and it work perfectly!

L'oreal Gentle Lip and eye makeup remover :  My favourite eye and lip makeup remover. I always go back to the same old brand because I think it's really worth the price and work really well! However, i'm trying other brands now.

Biore Facial Foam Mild :  Just a normal facial foam i guess? It's not too drying and doesn't break me out. So I won't mind trying it again! However, this particular lines is a little hard to find in the neighbourhood area.. That means I have to go down to Watsons to get it.

Opti- Free Replenish Solution : My current favourite lens solution!! I really need to go get it since I'm almost half way done with my last bottle! But I have been really too busy. Sigh. Anyway, this brand doesn't leave my eyes dry or irritated. Most importantly, it required no rub!!

Pearlie White Advance Whitening Toothpaste : Hmm initially I thought this particular brand will be good in whitening since everyone seem to talk about this brand when it come to whitening of teeth. However, this is the 2nd product from them that leave me disappointed. I really don't see any improvement at all. Might be because my teeth are stained by the amount of tea I drank but still...

Dr Jart + V7 Vitalaser cream :  I only use this at target area which is my freckle since it's a whitening cream. After using for a few days, I don't see any different though. I feel that the product is a little oily if I were to use it in my day routine.

Philosophy Hope in a jar : I really really don't like the scent of this. I would say the texture is quite watery and it absorb pretty fast. But the scent.... It smell like some kinds of herbs and normally I'm okay with it but not this time. Way too strong for me to even like the product.

Oral B Essential floss : I ONLY use Oral B floss because I think they work the best and doesn't shed at all! Some floss would actually stuck at my teeth and when I try to pull it out, the whole floss start shedding and start in between my tooth! So, I only trust Oral b!

Bello facial cleansing wipes (cucumber) : The wipes does what it suppose to do. Leave my face clean and I like the fact that it is really affordable! Can get it either at Watsons (I find it hard to find in Watsons nowaday.) or Sheng song! I saw it at the Bedok interchange outlet!

Zappy baby wipe : Sometime I use this to remove my makeup, not very clean but better than nothing right? Most of the time I use this to clean my brushes if I am using eyes shadows that day. Because I only have 1 eye brush.

 photo SAM_3229.jpg
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil : This is like my holy grail product!! I always use this whenever I have some acne or pimple. Work most of the time! Although this is not 100% tea tree oil, but I think it's better! So that my skin will not grow tolerant to tea tree oil! This is like my 3rd/4th bottle! See how much I love this product! 

 photo SAM_3228.jpg
Belif Sample set : This contain 4 different products. 
1. Creamy cleansing foam Moist : I really enjoy using their product and this leave my face really clean and smelling good! 
2. The true cream - aqua bomb : This is my favourite out of all! It's really watery and moisturizing. And there's no herb smell!!
3. First Aid 360 Eye care mask : I didn't realise it's a mask but I just use it as an eye cream every night. Quite like the texture but a little thick imo. Maybe because it's suppose to be a mask ? 
4. UV protector daily sunscreen gel : Another product that has a strong herb smell. But this isn't that bad. The consistent is runny however the colour of the sunscreen is yellow , if I didn't blend it fully it will leave the yellow residue on my skin. 
That's all for my this month empties!!
I'm trying to clear a lot of my samples and products too! So that they won't wasted!
Till then, 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Last day in Hong Kong

Finally get to update my blog. I nearly forget to post the last day of the trip.
Anyway on our last day of the trip, we decided to visit 1 place. 
Because we wanted to have more time to pack our stuffs and rest early to catch our bus to the airport the next day. 

We went to Lantau Island early in the morning to visit the famous Big Buddha and also to shop at the factory outlet at Tung Chung.

Yes, we have to take the cable car to and fro which freak me out because i'm really scare of cable car.
Fortunately, J decided not to take the crystal cable car (Which is fully transparent) and took the normal cable car. So, I don't feel so scare to look down on the floor.

Although I am scare of cable car, I must say that the scenery is really beautiful on our way to the top of the mountain. And if you plan to visit the place, do come early! We went around 9 to 10 plus, the crowd wasn't that bad. The crowd only start coming in about noon time when we were heading down to Tung Chung.
 photo SAM_2949.jpg  photo SAM_2957.jpg  photo SAM_2962.jpg
My favourite chinese comic character!! 
If you know him, YOU'RE AWESOME!!! 
 photo SAM_2963.jpg  photo SAM_2964.jpg  photo SAM_2970.jpg  photo SAM_2978.jpg  photo SAM_2991.jpg
For more details about the place, you can visit their website here
If you're like me, scare to take the cable car there are actually other options to go up the mountain. 
There are bus and ferry service however, those will take roughly 40-45 minutes to reach the peak whereby cable car would take about 10-15 minutes. 

After that we went to Tung Chung citygate outlet to shop!
There are actually a lot branded outlets.
I went to Coach and wanted to get something for my mum and they have very good discount too.
On top of the sale price, they were giving out additional 20% discount card.
But I didn't find any piece that was worth buying though..

They have other branded boutique like Armani, Burberry and many other more.
I only gotten 1 item from I.T Outlet which is a bag from Chocolate. It's only SGD$20! Normally, Chocolate's item would cost ranging from $50 onward. So it was really a steal!

J gotten his Man U jersey from the Nike outlet as well. He bought it at a really good price. Can't remember exactly how much but definitely cheaper than Singapore. Most importantly, he was really happy that he bought that jersey.

Then, we head over to a super duper "ulu" place that no mtr can reach.
The only way is to cab over or take a bus according to the hotel reception. I only know it's somewhere in 九龙 but can't remember the exact location. Because, J saw a new Casio watch on Milk magazine and decided to head over to get it as it was SUPER CHEAP! SGD$24 i think. How to resist it?!

We went to a very old and errr "not so clean"  looking 茶餐厅 to have our lunch. It was the BEST pork chop rice I ever eaten!

 photo IMG_2640.jpg
I know it doesn't look appealing but seriously, I had never find any other pork chop rice better than this! 

That's basically what we did the whole day.
At night we just roam around our hotel area to buy some last minutes gifts and had the most awesome dinner because we splurge and ordered fish.

 photo IMG_2643.jpg  photo IMG_2644.jpg  photo IMG_2645.jpg

The next day, our coach picked us up at 12pm. So we can't really do much even though I wanted to have the spicy fishball for the last time.

 photo IMG_2646.jpg 
We were very sad that we are going back to Singapore.
Really love the foods over there and I wonder how they continue to stay so slim!!!
Since we didn't have any breakfast, after checking in our luggage we headed over to their Macdonald for the last time!
We didn't ordered the pork burgers because we want to try the limited burgers and mcflurry!

 photo IMG_2651.jpg  photo IMG_2652.jpg  photo IMG_2648.jpg  photo IMG_2649.jpg  photo IMG_2650.jpg
This is their Black forest McFlurry! 
Totally love it and you can taste/eat the cake in it! 
With that, we have come to the end of my Hong Kong trip post.

I really enjoyed myself this time round in Hong Kong because J made it so memorable for me and interesting. Not too sure whether it's a must to know how to speak canto but with him know how to speak canto around it definitely help us a lot.

This is the first time I have ever travel with my boyfriend and totally enjoyed it. How he take care of me when I freaked out and couldn't fall asleep. He tried to make himself awake to accompany me and make me feel safe. Bringing me to most of the places I wanted to go.

Playing all the "bo liao" (Boring) rides with me at Disneyland and Ocean park.
Giving me surprise even though I'm with him throughout the trip.
So much more that I want to thanks him for but no, not going to say it here since he will get arrogant!

Thank you J :)

A footage from Disneyland! (: