Saturday, September 7, 2013

Empties Products - August

Hello everyone!
Have been really busy with school and work. Time is really running out for me for all my projects.
Really have no ideas how to cope with all the projects and exams. *sigh*
Anyway, I have another empties to share with you girls!

 photo SAM_3227.jpg

Watsons Cotton Pad : Their house brand cotton pad is the best imo!! Soft and normally won't tear easily. The best thing is there are always promotions on their cotton pad! Like, buy 2 get 1 free and 1 pack contain 3 separate packs. In total you will get 9 packets of cotton pads! Super worth it! But normally I only get the 3 packs as I have no space to keep them.

Watsons disposable shaver razor for men : I only use this shaver to shave my underarms. I have the Gillette Venus but whenever I used that to shave, my underarms will get all red and itchy sometime even rashes will appear. And the razor for women, i think it's useless. Can't even shave properly so I just grab the men and it work perfectly!

L'oreal Gentle Lip and eye makeup remover :  My favourite eye and lip makeup remover. I always go back to the same old brand because I think it's really worth the price and work really well! However, i'm trying other brands now.

Biore Facial Foam Mild :  Just a normal facial foam i guess? It's not too drying and doesn't break me out. So I won't mind trying it again! However, this particular lines is a little hard to find in the neighbourhood area.. That means I have to go down to Watsons to get it.

Opti- Free Replenish Solution : My current favourite lens solution!! I really need to go get it since I'm almost half way done with my last bottle! But I have been really too busy. Sigh. Anyway, this brand doesn't leave my eyes dry or irritated. Most importantly, it required no rub!!

Pearlie White Advance Whitening Toothpaste : Hmm initially I thought this particular brand will be good in whitening since everyone seem to talk about this brand when it come to whitening of teeth. However, this is the 2nd product from them that leave me disappointed. I really don't see any improvement at all. Might be because my teeth are stained by the amount of tea I drank but still...

Dr Jart + V7 Vitalaser cream :  I only use this at target area which is my freckle since it's a whitening cream. After using for a few days, I don't see any different though. I feel that the product is a little oily if I were to use it in my day routine.

Philosophy Hope in a jar : I really really don't like the scent of this. I would say the texture is quite watery and it absorb pretty fast. But the scent.... It smell like some kinds of herbs and normally I'm okay with it but not this time. Way too strong for me to even like the product.

Oral B Essential floss : I ONLY use Oral B floss because I think they work the best and doesn't shed at all! Some floss would actually stuck at my teeth and when I try to pull it out, the whole floss start shedding and start in between my tooth! So, I only trust Oral b!

Bello facial cleansing wipes (cucumber) : The wipes does what it suppose to do. Leave my face clean and I like the fact that it is really affordable! Can get it either at Watsons (I find it hard to find in Watsons nowaday.) or Sheng song! I saw it at the Bedok interchange outlet!

Zappy baby wipe : Sometime I use this to remove my makeup, not very clean but better than nothing right? Most of the time I use this to clean my brushes if I am using eyes shadows that day. Because I only have 1 eye brush.

 photo SAM_3229.jpg
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil : This is like my holy grail product!! I always use this whenever I have some acne or pimple. Work most of the time! Although this is not 100% tea tree oil, but I think it's better! So that my skin will not grow tolerant to tea tree oil! This is like my 3rd/4th bottle! See how much I love this product! 

 photo SAM_3228.jpg
Belif Sample set : This contain 4 different products. 
1. Creamy cleansing foam Moist : I really enjoy using their product and this leave my face really clean and smelling good! 
2. The true cream - aqua bomb : This is my favourite out of all! It's really watery and moisturizing. And there's no herb smell!!
3. First Aid 360 Eye care mask : I didn't realise it's a mask but I just use it as an eye cream every night. Quite like the texture but a little thick imo. Maybe because it's suppose to be a mask ? 
4. UV protector daily sunscreen gel : Another product that has a strong herb smell. But this isn't that bad. The consistent is runny however the colour of the sunscreen is yellow , if I didn't blend it fully it will leave the yellow residue on my skin. 
That's all for my this month empties!!
I'm trying to clear a lot of my samples and products too! So that they won't wasted!
Till then, 

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