Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express mascara

Hello Everyone!
Today, I am here to do a short review on Maybelline new mascara.
It's the Rocket Volum' Express that was highly hype up in Singapore.
So, here we go!

 photo SAM_3243.jpg  photo SAM_3244.jpg 
I like this kind of wand. Fats and with lots of fibers. 
However, I think this mascara was a little disappointed for me. 
And I was really excited about it and purchase it for my birthday makeup.

 photo eyes.jpg
From the picture, you can see that it doesn't really give me a lot of volume which I really need.
My lash still look very little/ fine, but it did length it slightly. 
However, this mascara did clump up when you applied more than 3 coats. 
It did flake after a few hours but,  
the good side about the flaking is it can be remove easily by swiping it away leaving no trace of mascara. 

Personally, I would not purchase this mascara again because it only give me length but what I need was volume. Also, this mascara is selling at a retail price of SGD18.90 at Watsons and most places.
Maybe I would try out their Colossal Cat Eyes mascara as it seem to give more promising result for volume and fuller eyelash.

But I will still continue to use this product until I finished it or reached 3 months.
If you want a mascara that give you length, try their lash stiletto mascara.
It really give you crazy lengthening!!

I do think that they over-hype this product or maybe this product just doesn't work for me.
I was really looking forward to because I saw the video on Xiaxue testing it and it does seem to give her volume.

Too bad for me :(

Hope you enjoy this short review!


  1. great review, have to agree. the clumpyness is a bit too much. your photos did a great job in showcasing that. thank you for the review.


    1. Thank you for commenting!
      Ya, the clumpy-ness is a little over , unless you like spidery look if not it's better not to get this mascara.


  2. Thanks for the review! I agree that the clumping is a bit too much. I have asian lashes (which are nice, but man are they hard to work with) and I was wondering how this mascara would do with it. I am glad I saw this because I was close to purchasing it...
    maybe I'll try the cat eye mascara from Maybelline instead!


    1. Thank you commenting!
      I have asian lashes too because i'm Asian xD
      I heard better review on the cat eye mascara..
      Hoping to try that soon too!