Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Samantha Vivid Vega Azayle

Hello everyone!
I'm here to do a haul? Because I got this bag for my birthday.
It's my first branded bag and although it's not a super expensive brand or high end, at least it is something that I can afford right now without burning a hole in my pocket and still suit my taste.

Initially, I do not have a "good" impression on Samantha Thavasa bag not because of the price or the brand but because they are sort of famous for making those super furry and over the top bag. So I didn't really went to take a good at their other lines.

However, when I was searching for a bag for my own present, I went into Samantha Vega located at Wisma Atria and this particular bag caught my attention! Because it is very simple and structure. The only downside of the bag to me is that the zip doesn't zip all the way. So, the side of the bag is "airy" which I feel a bit insecure if I were to bring this oversea.

So, what's the different between Samantha Thavasa and Samantha Vega?
From what I know Samantha Vega is consider as the "Economic" line from Thavasa and they have a lot more different line. Another example would be my charm. That is from Samantha Thavasa Petite. They have crazy amount of lines/ sub brands.

This bag is make from artificial leather with saffiano finish. Really love the finish because I always wanted a saffiano leather bag. However that will cause a bomb and if I were to buy a real leather bag from Samantha Thavasa (Only this line carry real leather, Vega mostly if not only carry artificial leather bag) it will cost over SGD$700 which I find it super not worth it.

Let's enjoy the beauty of this bag! :DDD

 photo SAM_3231.jpg  photo SAM_3235.jpg  photo SAM_3232.jpg  photo SAM_3236.jpg  photo SAM_3237.jpg

For those who are wondering about the price,
Samantha Vivid Vega Azayle retail for SGD$272 for the large size which is the one I have.
The bag also come in a smaller size which retail for SGD$256.

Initially I wanted the black however, they only left with the last piece on display which I don't really want to pay so much and get the display set.
So I decided to get this beige colour. They have cream, red, green, yellow, orange, hot pink, pink and many more!! So, do head down to any Samantha Vega (vivo tangs and Wisma Isetan) to see the whole range.

As for the handphone charm which I use it as my bag charm, it retail for SGD$43. I really like it because it's my favourite character Mike from Monster Inc or the latest movie, Monsters university.

Overall, I really like this bag (if not I would not have purchase it right? ) because of the simplicity and the structure of the bag. Although this wasn't the dream bag I initially wanted but it make up for it. The shape of the bag remind me of Givenchy Antigona.

Unless you're going Japan any time soon, if not I think the price is not too bad to purchase this line in Singapore. Of course Japan or maybe other countries can offer a much better price but it's okay! It's only a 1 time splurge for me.

That's all!
I hope you enjoy this review.

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