Monday, September 16, 2013

The Cookie Museum

It's the time of the year again.
Mooncake festival~

This year, I bought mooncake not just for J's family but also my family as well.
Didn't know mooncake will cost THIS expensive.
The cost of 2 boxes of mooncake is almost half of my pay (I don't earn much anyway).

The Cookie Museum Mooncake caught my attention because well, their booth was at the end and they are more willing to serve me as compare to those big brand.
Guess they feel that I won't buy and just want to try those sample. Too bad, they lost a sale then.

I got it from Takashimaya fair at a good price. Well, most of them are selling around the same price. Ranging from SGD$40 to SGD$100+  for those with super awesome packaging and are from famous hotels.

The mooncake feature is their Mango Snowskin mooncake. I did not took any photo for the traditional mooncake since it is a gift to J's parents.

 photo SAM_3264.jpg  photo SAM_3266.jpg  photo SAM_3268.jpg
The reason why I choose to get this partly because of the cute design.
It's a rabbit! 

 photo SAM_3269.jpg
I think it's really special. The snowskin layer is make from mango follow by lotus paste, the white layer is cream cheese and the last layer is mango mousse. 
At first I thought it's going to taste weird, but surprisingly it is not! 
The cheese make the lotus paste and mango not too sweet and I really like it!
It make you feel like eating ice cream mooncake! 

I wished everyone a happy mooncake festival!
Last by not least..

 photo 544896_703541239660867_1525379161_n.jpg
Credit: SGAG

You're welcome! :D

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