Monday, October 21, 2013

Empties Products - September

Hi there everyone!
Sorry for the super delayed monthly empties products.
Have been really busy with school because it's my final this coming week.

Anyway, my empties are getting lesser and lesser because most of the items I'm using are the same so I try not to feature repeated products.
So, let's get started for last month empties!!

 photo SAM_3273.jpg

Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lotion: The one I have been using is for combination/oily skin. Sometime I would purchase the whitening version. Really love this makeup remover because it's water based and really gentle to the skin. This is like my 5th or 6th bottle and still repurchasing it! However, the downside of this product is it does not remove waterproof or glitter makeup easily. You would have to clean a few time before the make up is completely off your face. But still, loving it! 
Darlie Expert white toothpaste: Got it for free from 1 of my blackbox. Think this work better than Pearlie white but still not the best whitening toothpaste. 
Cyber Colors Eye Lip Makeup Remover oil : Got this from HongKong Sasa but I'm sure Singapore Sasa sell this product too. Just like any normal makeup remover, but I would say it is slightly better than the L'oreal one. Not too sure how much does it cost in Singapore. 
Etude House Oh M' Eye line : Got it when I went Korea. I think Etude House make 1 of the better and affordable liquid liner. The black is really intense and I love it! The only downside of this liner is, it will take quite a while to dry. Still, I would recommend and repurchase it. 
Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara : Hmm this mascara really lengthen my eyelash very well. Really crazy lengthening effect but not much volume though. 
Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner : Initially I really love this eyeliner because how black it seem to be. However, after using the product for about a month or so, I realized that it doesn't seem as dark as before. Way before the eyeliner dried up or finished, it totally become gray instead of black. Even though I tried to layer the liner, it doesn't give me black anymore. Totally will not repurchase it despite the hype. 
Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector : Once again another hype product done by clicknetwork that make me went to purchase it. Even though they keep emphasizing that it's 1 shade fit all and I'm not very fair nor tanned, I find this BB cream way to dark for me. It leave a weird "I-don't-know-if-it's-orangey-or-brown" cast after I applied. However, the finish of this BB cream is pretty matte. Definitely going to stick to my Korea BB cream and luckily I only bought the sample size. 
The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower gel : Love the scent but once again, not a fan of TBS soapless shower gel. 

That's all for my super delayed empties post!!
Till then,

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hard Rock Cafe Singapore


A months ago, it was our anniversary and we decided to go Hard Rock Cafe for our dinner.
Because I have never been to Hard Rock Cafe, so J decided to bring me over there and happen that we have a paper beforehand that day, we decided to have a simple meal and exchanged of presents.

I must say, the ambiance is really fantastic. When we arrived, the restaurant was full house but we still managed to get a seat pretty quick.
The music wasn't what I expected until pretty late at night.
Then they began to play all the older music which I really feel it is more suitable for the place.

Totally love the guitars that was mounted on the wall.

 photo 20130905_204110.jpg  photo 20130905_204133.jpg  photo 20130905_203604.jpg  photo 20130905_204256.jpg
I have no idea what's the beers that we ordered but the one with the lighter colour/shade belong to me.
It is a sweet beer as compare to the one J ordered.
 photo 1170962_10151643780472634_1076942685_n.jpg
Our entrees.
J had Twisted Mac Chicken and Cheese while I had Aussie Burger (I think.)

The portion is huge but I really think it's worth every penny I paid for!! 
I love how the beef came up exactly medium rare.
Some restaurant either overdone or underdone my medium rare plus the patty is really really thick!!
And with my favourite fried egg and fries. 

As for J Twisted mac chicken and cheese, it's really cheesy. 
Until you really like cheese, if not it's better to stay away from this dish.
I don't really like this dish after a few mouth because I'm not a cheese lover.
Apparently, J find it pretty alright and he love cheese. So, worth to give it a try if you happen to be there!
But of course, the bills came up pretty shocking too. Haha!

 photo 20130905_214650.jpg
Toward the end of the night, they dimmed their light and gave us candle to continue listening to the music.
It's a petty that night does not have any live band.
Was quite looking forward to the live band performance. 

 photo 20130905_203301.jpg  photo 20130905_203400.jpg  photo 1175381_10151643780637634_451563184_n.jpg
I got J a bracelet that he once mention he wanted and yet he still manage to guess it! :[
But I got him additional 2 other small present which he didn't manage to guess it!
I always feel like mission accomplished when he failed to guess the present I got for him. 
Also, I'm glad he like the presents and card that I gave it to him. (:
Anyway, I got this bracelet off a site call Vulcan Singapore.

Unfortunately, I'm not famous enough to get any discount or being sponsor. 
Either way, their bracelet are really made of GOOD quality that worth the price I paid.
So, do give this webstore a try if you want a unique handmade bracelet! 

 photo 1236705_10151643780567634_2139420698_n.jpg
J got me this cow charm from Pandora. 

We had a hard time trying to search for this ever since the first time I gotten my Pandora.
We literally searched high and low for this stupid cow.
Checking out the ION store every single time I passed by just to check whether this cow is in stock.
Even a few days before he passed this cow to me, I still went to check with the store if the cow is here and the same answer was given to me. "No."

So I was really surprise when he passed this to me. Feel so touched that he really went to hunt this cow for me. The reason why he gotten this cow shall be a secret between us. (:

Hard Rock Cafe Singapore
50 Cuscaden Road #05-01
HPL House Singapore 249724
Tel: +65-62355232

And this sum up our anniversary at Hard Rock Cafe.
Really grateful that this evil monster come into my life.
Thank you and 143 J (:

Gwen :D

Friday, October 11, 2013

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Pink Lemonade

Today, I'm here with another review.
Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Pink Lemonade.
I was looking forward to purchase the lip butter because of the highly rave by many youtubers.
I believe this is part of their new collection for Spring/Summer and I got this from Wastons' sale a few months ago.

To be honest, I am really disappointed.
Firstly, this isn't the colour I wanted initially.
The colour I wanted is Juicy Papaya but it was sold out. So I decided to choose pink lemonade because I have never gotten such a light or bubblegum pink before.

And I THOUGHT the colour will definitely show up as many gurus rave about the pigmentation.
Unfortunately for me, the formula for this new collection is really sheer as compare to their "normal" line.

Needless to say, the colour show up pretty sheer and the pinkish nude totally washed me off.
I must say it look really close to my MAC Pure Zen, but I love my Pure Zen more as it doesn't wash me off and make me look ill.

 photo SAM_3256.jpg  photo SAM_3259.jpg  photo SAM_3260.jpg

To add on to my disappointment, my lip butter actually melted and I feel so disappointed right now.
I almost wanted to throw it away but decided to just used it up as soon as I can.
Maybe, just MAYBE I'll give the normal lip butter line a try after I'm done with this.

Till then,

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Forever 21

Hello people!!!
Finally found some time to update my blog..
2 months ago, it was my 21st birthday celebration.

I finally enter adulthood!!! Which I seriously don't feel any different..
Anyway, I held a small party at Studio M hotel.
Initially I wasn't really please because I only read the reviews after booking it.
The hotel is really SMALL including the toilet..

However, I was quite happy with the hotel overall.
It's really special because there's 2 levels inside the room which separate the sleeping area and "living room" area. And the feel of the hotel is quite cozy. Then again, I won't recommend if you are going to invite a lot of people because when everyone including my family were in the room, the room became really warm.

Nonetheless, I still enjoyed myself and glad that everyone I invited managed to squeeze in this party into their schedule to attend. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

 photo 1236023_10151630407247634_791323446_n.jpg  photo 1006341_10151630398192634_483689189_n.jpg  photo 994332_10151630399027634_378616881_n.jpg
J's dad pass him this. 
1st time trying this type of Tequila. 

 photo 1236750_10151630412347634_464971121_n.jpg  photo 1236297_10151630401552634_1159913127_n.jpg  photo 1235100_10151630402332634_1107985756_n.jpg  photo 971802_10151630401107634_1059660865_n.jpg  photo 1233496_10151630400512634_620089623_n.jpg  photo 1186121_10151630402767634_18380010_n.jpg  photo 5278_10151630401872634_1292034856_n.jpg  photo 1098349_10151630405252634_239538058_n.jpg  photo 1238132_10201785396376298_861065678_n.jpg  photo 1239458_10151630399127634_1942816175_n.jpg  photo 66793_10151630407027634_920767381_n.jpg  photo 64462_10151630407437634_1150350925_n.jpg  photo 1170677_10151630407592634_1433346656_n.jpg
The 2 photos above show how the room roughly look like.
Thanks to Kaikeng who was playing with my camera actually took this! 
 photo 9889_10151630399772634_1988105565_n.jpg  photo 1233605_10151630399872634_847537398_n.jpg  photo 564994_10151630399882634_1194836076_n.jpg  photo 543420_10151630399732634_488610500_n.jpg  photo 1234763_10151630399972634_1483564624_n.jpg  photo 995167_10151630402432634_2070552792_n.jpg
Thank you J! For helping me throughout the preparation of this party. 
Nagging me to book the hotel, then nagging me to order the cake and buy the decorations. 
Sorry that this is the only picture I have from my camera.. 
Why you never help me take more?!?! xD 
Really thankful of him for helping me to collect the cake and also 20 balloons all by himself. 
Also the surprise he gave me when he came to pick me up in the afternoon. 
I will remember deep inside my heart. (:

Thank you everyone for coming!!!
And also the presents! I really appreciate all the presents and cards too!!
Especially the special "card" that Puaysee aka my lovergirl mailed to me.
Totally 感动 (touched) to the max!!

Studio M Hotel Singapore
No. 3 Nanson Road
Singapore, 238910 Singapore
Tel: +65 6808 8888