Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hard Rock Cafe Singapore


A months ago, it was our anniversary and we decided to go Hard Rock Cafe for our dinner.
Because I have never been to Hard Rock Cafe, so J decided to bring me over there and happen that we have a paper beforehand that day, we decided to have a simple meal and exchanged of presents.

I must say, the ambiance is really fantastic. When we arrived, the restaurant was full house but we still managed to get a seat pretty quick.
The music wasn't what I expected until pretty late at night.
Then they began to play all the older music which I really feel it is more suitable for the place.

Totally love the guitars that was mounted on the wall.

 photo 20130905_204110.jpg  photo 20130905_204133.jpg  photo 20130905_203604.jpg  photo 20130905_204256.jpg
I have no idea what's the beers that we ordered but the one with the lighter colour/shade belong to me.
It is a sweet beer as compare to the one J ordered.
 photo 1170962_10151643780472634_1076942685_n.jpg
Our entrees.
J had Twisted Mac Chicken and Cheese while I had Aussie Burger (I think.)

The portion is huge but I really think it's worth every penny I paid for!! 
I love how the beef came up exactly medium rare.
Some restaurant either overdone or underdone my medium rare plus the patty is really really thick!!
And with my favourite fried egg and fries. 

As for J Twisted mac chicken and cheese, it's really cheesy. 
Until you really like cheese, if not it's better to stay away from this dish.
I don't really like this dish after a few mouth because I'm not a cheese lover.
Apparently, J find it pretty alright and he love cheese. So, worth to give it a try if you happen to be there!
But of course, the bills came up pretty shocking too. Haha!

 photo 20130905_214650.jpg
Toward the end of the night, they dimmed their light and gave us candle to continue listening to the music.
It's a petty that night does not have any live band.
Was quite looking forward to the live band performance. 

 photo 20130905_203301.jpg  photo 20130905_203400.jpg  photo 1175381_10151643780637634_451563184_n.jpg
I got J a bracelet that he once mention he wanted and yet he still manage to guess it! :[
But I got him additional 2 other small present which he didn't manage to guess it!
I always feel like mission accomplished when he failed to guess the present I got for him. 
Also, I'm glad he like the presents and card that I gave it to him. (:
Anyway, I got this bracelet off a site call Vulcan Singapore.

Unfortunately, I'm not famous enough to get any discount or being sponsor. 
Either way, their bracelet are really made of GOOD quality that worth the price I paid.
So, do give this webstore a try if you want a unique handmade bracelet! 

 photo 1236705_10151643780567634_2139420698_n.jpg
J got me this cow charm from Pandora. 

We had a hard time trying to search for this ever since the first time I gotten my Pandora.
We literally searched high and low for this stupid cow.
Checking out the ION store every single time I passed by just to check whether this cow is in stock.
Even a few days before he passed this cow to me, I still went to check with the store if the cow is here and the same answer was given to me. "No."

So I was really surprise when he passed this to me. Feel so touched that he really went to hunt this cow for me. The reason why he gotten this cow shall be a secret between us. (:

Hard Rock Cafe Singapore
50 Cuscaden Road #05-01
HPL House Singapore 249724
Tel: +65-62355232

And this sum up our anniversary at Hard Rock Cafe.
Really grateful that this evil monster come into my life.
Thank you and 143 J (:

Gwen :D

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