Saturday, November 2, 2013

Gipsy Pixie

Hello Everyone~
I'm finally free from school and enjoying me holidays right now~
That mean I will have more times to blog but hopefully I will be able to meet up with most of my friends during this holiday!

Anyway, let's start with today post.
Gipsy Pixie is a webstore that has sponsor quite a number of bloggers and it was through them I get to know about this site. Recently I have placed an order with them and just gotten my items.

Although they did not state that it is a pre-order but I highly suspected it is because of the waiting time. After placing an order and confirming your payment, it will took about 5-10 working days for the warehouse to transfer to their office and 2-3 working days for them to send out the items to you. Almost the same time as pre-order. I got my items in a total of 12 days. (Including 2 weekend day). But either way, they still provide the 1 of the better price for local blogshop.

I don't get why some Livejournal/webstore are selling at a ridiculously high price when most of their items are from China, Thailand or some cheaper resources. I hate it when they say it's self manufacture then when you get the item, the quality SUCK. At least make sure self manufacture quality are better than those normal line and worth paying like $30 for it. The only few blogshop that i'm willing to pay more will be Love Bonito and hollyhoque and perhaps a few famous one. Because their items are really quality. Not just from some cheapo resources and marked up the price like mad. 

Sorry about my rants, now back to the review. So I was browsing the web and I saw a few Stylenanda items that I really really wanted originally from the website. Without much hesitation I placed my orders and waited patiently.  

Disclaimer: Usually I don't take photos of me wearing the items, but I just found out a new way to use my tripod and decided to take photos with it.

 photo SAM_3307.jpg  photo SAM_3306.jpg
The 1st dress I got. Actually the cutting is a little different from the website. Other than that, everything seem to be the same. However, it a must to wear a belt with this dress. If not, it will be totally unflattering on me. Make me look shapeless and like i'm pregnant. Haha!
 photo SAM_3304.jpg
 photo SAM_3305.jpg
I don't really like this part of the sleeve even though my mum it doesn't really matter. So I decided to fold it up and I think it look better on my short arms.

 photo SAM_3303.jpg 
I must say that even though it was stated to be a dress, it's really short.
I'm 150 and the dress is consider pretty short on me. So, tall girls unless you want to show people your undies, I don't recommend it for you.
 photo SAM_3300.jpg 
This is my favourite purchase!!!!!!
I really love this dress even when I saw it on Stylenanda website but the price really..... I think it was around USD$40 and I just can't bring myself to purchase it because after adding in the shipping it will cost about USD$50 plus. So i'm glad to find the dupe.
 photo SAM_3299.jpg 
Hello tag! See I was really excited to try the dress upon receiving it!
 photo SAM_3298.jpg
Because I love this dress so much, here 1 more picture of me wearing it!
Once again, personally I feel that this dress is on the shorter side.
But I realised girls nowadays seem to not care about the length of their skirt. 
Even if they have "zhao geng" (exposes?), they just don't care. 
What happened?!?!

All in all, I personally think that their service isn't that bad.
At least I gotten all the items I ordered.
I'm placing an order with them soon because they are having a promotion!
From now to 4 November 2013,  as long as you purchase any 2 items and above, you will enjoy 10% off total Bill.
The discount code is 10%OffNovember 

No, I'm not being sponsored. You can get the code from their mailing list or their FB page. Haha
I'm not that popular yet! Just sharing what I know (:

So start shopping now! Make use of the discount like what I'm planning to do! Heehee

You can also like them at their FB page here to receive all the discount code!

That's all for this review!!
Till then,
Bye!~ :]

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