Tuesday, November 12, 2013

OWL Beancurd Pudding

Hello everyone!

Recently, my mum bought this Soya Beancurd powder which you can create it at home easily!
It was a trend in Singapore back a few months where everyone is crazy or craving for pudding beancurd.
The 2 most popular stores is Lao Ban and 51 Soya Beancurd which both started out at old airport road.

So anyway, this is really a dupe for it!
Taste really nice and smooth!!
You can make 5 full bowls from the mixture and even add other ingredients in it.
We tried putting strawberries for Nicole and she love it!

 photo SAM_3285.jpg  photo SAM_3289.jpg  photo SAM_3287.jpg  photo SAM_3291.jpg  photo SAM_3292.jpg  photo SAM_3293.jpg

So if you are craving for a beancurd pudding and want to recreate your own, give this a try!!
We bought it at Sheng Siong and I'm sure most supermarkets will carry it!

Till then,

P/S: I promise I will try to blog more but I haven't been going out other than working recently :(

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