Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wild Honey

A couple of weeks ago, right after my exams have ended I called Puaysee and we decided to meet up and have wild honey!

It was my first time having wild honey. The environment wasn't too bad however, like what my friends have told me, it's a place you can just went once and that's it.
The foods that we ordered are pretty pricy and to me it's kinda salty for my liking.

Of course, meeting up with Puaysee will always have endless of topic to talk about and shopping spree. Every single time we will chat till like there is no tomorrow. Haha.

 photo 20131106_132617.jpg  photo IMG-20131106-WA0020.jpg  photo 20131106_131954.jpg 
I ordered a flat white to goes with my breakfast. 
 photo IMG-20131106-WA0019.jpg 
I ordered Spanish Hash.
Which have poached eggs and with potato and beef cubes.
It's really nice but a little too salty for my liking. 
Despite the presentation seem to be a small portion, it really make me feel so full.
 photo IMG-20131106-WA0004.jpg 
Hot Chocolate for Puaysee!
The white cube thingy was a marshmallow! 
 photo IMG-20131106-WA0005.jpg 
This was what Puaysee ordered, English breakfast. 
She said, only the egg was to her liking. Haha! Totally what the... Since she paying like close to 30 and she only find the egg worth it. 
However, in my opinion, i think this is the most worth it dish to order because of the variety. 
How can there be no photos with puaysee right? 
She's forever camera ready one. LOL
 photo IMG-20131106-WA0017.jpg  photo IMG-20131106-WA0007.jpg  photo IMG-20131106-WA0006.jpg  photo IMG-20131106-WA0018.jpg

Overall, the place was a nice place to chill and have all day breakfast if you are craving for a good meal. ,br> However the price is really steep for students and I know some other places that sell breakfast at a more reasonable pricing too.
Still worth to give it a try since wild honey is on the hype now.

Wild Honey
Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road #03-02
Phone: 6235 3900

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