Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

Time fly really fast this year and we are already at the last day of 2013.
2013 is a good year for me because most of the things went smoothly for me.
Of course, there are still down in certain time but no matter what, it is the experiences that will mold me to be a better person.

So, let get started!!!!

- Being able to meet most of my friends throughout the year is something that I am very grateful for. Especially my polymates because most of us are busy. The guys are either having NS or the girls are working/schooling. So whenever I am able to meet them, I am grateful. (:
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- Had lots of adventures with Jeremiah this year. The most memorable would be our Hong Kong trip.
Never thought that my mum would let me go oversea with my boyfriend and I had the best time with him because of all the theme parks that he brought me to! Disneyland and Ocean park!
 photo SAM_2835.jpg

- Had a few high tea sessions with my eldest sis at some of the atas places that I don't think I would go and paid myself. Heehee. The joy of having an eldest sis who is working.

- Found myself a new job because my previous job did not want to hire anymore part timer back then. I guess they are trying to hire people again but I have a better paying job now. Still the same old retails job but I guess I pretty much enjoy working in the retail line since all my jobs are retails.

- Had my 21st birthday party which I never had thought of having a party. Glad that most people I invited came. Definitely a milestone for me that I am now an adult instead of a young adult which I am still not really used to it when people are telling me this.  
 photo 1233496_10151630400512634_620089623_n.jpg

- Had my 1st 5km run with Jannah (which I'm going to blog soon). Not really a marathon but we definitely enjoyed ourselves that day partying on the run!!! It was fun and crazy though.
 photo 1469778_10151836373747634_1223760520_n.jpg

And how can I forget my secondary school clique that is always there for me especially TAN PUAYSEE. 
Don't know what will happen to my life if she's not here. Of course the 2 guys too. Haha. We had our fun teasing her right! Although next year, Zhihan most likely will be going to Australia for his university. We can still meet up before he leave for don't know how many years.
 photo 188894_10151345346311704_96924585_n_zps46bb849a.jpg

Of course, there are bond to have some bad stuffs happen here and there but I realised that's no point writing it down because nobody want to keep the bad memories right?

For this new year, I hope I can still keep up with keep contacting with my friends especially those that I hardly contact with. Learn to be a better person, appreciate more and be grateful to good things that happen to me. 2014 would also be my last year in school if nothing bad happen. I want to graduate soon because the school fees is rocket high. I don't want to be a burden to my mummy anymore.

I also hope that everyone around me will have good health. Seriously, health is the most important thing and even when you have lots of money you can never be able to buy your health. And of course, have a stable and increasing income. How to survive in this high inflation rate city if we got no money right? Definitely going to say this again but I don't care!! I want to lose more weight ,be more tone up and have a healthier lifestyle (It shall forever be on my wishlist). 

Lastly, most people would say that they need to learn how to say "yes" to other people right? For me it will be the opposite. I need to say "no" to other people. Learn how to reject people for my convenience not their. I know that some people take advantages of me and I don't want to name the person but through their actions, I can tell. I'm not as dumb as what you think I am even when I give off a  "I don't care" attitude. I definitely have more life experiences than them.

May 2014 continues to be a good year for me and I wish everyone a happy new year, good luck and good health!!!!

P/S: Hope everyone is celebrating the new year with your loved one because this year countdown will be a leap over of 2013(13) to 2014(14). In Chinese 1314 mean forever and ever. Cheesy right? Haha


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