Friday, December 20, 2013

J's quarter life crisis @ Kith Cafe

*Quarter life crisis was suggested by J. Not me!!

Last month, it was J's 25th birthday and I had a hard time deciding 2 places to have our lunch and dinner as well as his birthday gift.
In the end, we only went to Kith Cafe because we had a very late lunch =[
He still told me he wanted to have Japanese foods for dinner.

Kith Cafe was located at Park mall and there wasn't any crowd when we were there. So not too bad. The place is pretty small though. And I can't get to try their breakfast menu because we reached there at about 3.30 and the menu end at 3. SIGH.

 photo SAM_3395.jpg  photo SAM_3407.jpg  photo SAM_3403.jpg  photo SAM_3427.jpg  photo SAM_3400.jpg  photo SAM_3411.jpg 
They have a large selection of beverages ranging from the common tea, coffee, sodas and juice. They even have protein shake!!!
We had a hard time deciding what to order before J decided to try something new and also something that I will like it since I'm not really a coffee lover.
And we ordered their iced honey milk latte to share. 
As for their main, they have their standard menu and also I guess their daily special ? 
Not too sure on that part but their main wasn't a large selection as compare to their beverages menu. 
But, still not too bad. The portions are good enough to make us filling and the amount of ingredients in it definitely make me feel better to pay a higher price for it. 
 photo SAM_3412.jpg 
I ordered their Marinara
Not too bad since I always love tomatoes based pasta. 
But this wasn't what I wanted initially. 
The one I wanted to order was not available which was such a bumper because they should have told us beforehand. 
 photo SAM_3413.jpg 
J ordered Spaghetti with beef tenderloin, mushroom, garlic, chilli and cherry tomatoes. 
According to him, it was quite spicy but bearable. 
The beef tenderloin is really nice!! Soft and juicy. 
 photo SAM_3415.jpg 
If you guys remember last year post, he asked me not to sing him birthday song and no candle.
Ahem, this year I decided to go against him!!!
Sang him the birthday song and cake with candle!!
I can't remember what's the cake but it is really tasty with some nuts in it. 
 photo SAM_3421.jpg 
And that his face when he saw the present. 
This year, I managed to hide from him what I gotten for him and he totally didn't expect that.
 photo SAM_3424.jpg 
Birthday boy with his cake and present. 
Overall, Kith cafe is a pleasant place to have brunch and chill out. 
We stayed at there for a couple of hours just talking. There are some magazines available, so I guess you're able to read and stay even longer.
We choose to have the indoor seats; there are outdoor seats available too. 
Quite a nice place to have a small gathering with friends. 
But the price are pretty pricy, the bill came up to be $60+ including GST and service charge. 
Kith Cafe @ Parkmall 
9 Penang Road #01-01E
Park Mall
Daily: 8am – 10pm
Tel: +65 6338 8611

   photo SAM_3406.jpg
HBD J (: 
Hope you like the present and that day!
Heehee, he even questioned me why I meet up with my friend so randomly since I did not tell him beforehand. But I wanted to ask for opinions before I purchased the present and at the same time I don't want him to know what I am buying for him.  I have a hard time trying to hide from him okay!! Since he always spoil my surprise. Glad this year I managed to surprise him with everything. 
This conclude the post on his birthday. 
Till then,
Bye~~ :] 

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