Saturday, December 7, 2013

Michael Kors Slim Runway Rose Gold Watch ; MK3211

Hello everyone!

Usually, I won't blog about my new purchase straight away or sometime I won't even blog about it. However, the deal that I had gotten from purchasing this watch is too good not to be share!! I know I'm such a nice person right! xD But seriously, the deal is too good to give it a missed or not to be share!!

I'm not sure how many people did I ever told, I always wanted something from Michael Kors. Be it their handbag, watches, wallets or eyewear, I JUST want to own it! I wanted their bag and watch badly because I think that they are of a much affordable price range as compare to other designer.


I got mine during Robinson Expo Sale 2013 a few days ago (which is held from 5th Dec to 15th Dec). And read this following line carefully...

I'm serious! No joke!!!
I purchased mine with a 50% off the price tag amount!
This wasn't the exact model that I wanted initially but J told me not to give this chance up because even Takashimaya card day only offer 10% on top of the 10% that they are currently having promotion with watch.

So I really purchase the watch at a really good price even though it wasn't the one I wanted it.
It still have the element that I like which is rose gold! And J say thinner chain? (somebody help with the term please) suit me better. I always trust his taste! Therefore I purchased this watch as an advance Christmas present for myself and to reward myself for the previous sem result :]

 photo SAM_3438.jpg  photo SAM_3439.jpg  photo SAM_3441.jpg  photo SAM_3440.jpg 
The watch isn't this short, just that my wrist are pretty tiny so it seem to be short.
In total, I have 5 links removed from the watch.
I have never encounter removing 5 links from a watch.
 photo SAM_3443.jpg

Of course this wasn't the only buy that I purchase in the sale.
There are tons of beauty products, foods, toys, kitchen, home and many many more!!
Many designers' watch like DKNY, Marc by Marc Jacob, Fossil and more are up for grab! Most if not ALL are 50% off!!

So head down to Expo Hall 5 now!!
I really can't believe what a good deal it was!!
And of course it's 100% authentic; but the choices are limited and consist of older design.

Don't say I didn't share alright!!!
Till then,

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  1. It's beautiful! OMGG I WANT IT!!!