Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Providore

So a few weeks ago,
Puaysee, Kaikeng and me decided that we should have a meetup before the year end and also to celebrate Zhihan's 21st which was super duper belated.
Well, all of us are pretty busy and it's quite hard to have meetup with each other since the guys are in NS also. But no matter what, time spent with them are always filled with laughter and fun!!!

We decided to go to The Providore because when I was at Mandarin Gallery with Puaysee, we saw this cafe and I was telling her that I wanted to try out this cafe. So, we decided to have our gathering cum birthday celebration over there.

The place was pretty small but not too bad or maybe we were just lucky that there wasn't much people there.

 photo 1453223_10151930510191704_1647019803_n.jpg  photo 1017034_10151930505411704_1776188096_n.jpg  photo 62348_10151930505451704_617511381_n.jpg  photo 969475_10151930500906704_829013134_n.jpg 
This 2 are constantly taking photos. 
Best partners to take selfie with! 

 photo 1426720_10151930510071704_75913497_n.jpg 
Puaysee's drink and mine. 
The one on the left is mine and I ordered their Pineapple, blackberry and mint freshly squeezed juice. Taste pretty speical but not the best though. I didn't really like it.
While Puaysee ordered their Lychee, mango and orange fresh fruit smoothie. Not too bad! Taste just like mango smoothie! 
 photo 1454600_10151930506071704_1859187657_n.jpg 
For Zhihan's entrees , he ordered their Lasagna and this suppose to be their large portion. 
When his entrees came, he complaint that it was like small portion. 
 photo 1473046_10151930506461704_1681570712_n.jpg 
Kaikeng and Puaysee ordered the same entrees and once agian, they ordered the large entrees which doesn't really seem to be large. 
They ordered their Lobster Mac and Cheese. I tried a little from Puaysee and I didn't like it. Well, afterall I'm not a cheese lover so that might be why I didn't like it. 
 photo 1476138_10151930506206704_389815780_n.jpg 
I ordered their medium entrees and mine seem to be much bigger than theirs. Haha.
But that might be because it's a sandwich. Anyway, this is their grilled mackerel crostini and crispy bacon. 
Not too bad but the mackerel was a little dry, also the bread is really tough!! I couldn't cut it and I just simply use my folk to shred it. 
 photo 1476029_10151930503936704_1485564886_n.jpg 
They bought a small cake for Zhihan and Puaysee bought the relightable(?) candles which totally FAIL!
He managed to blow it off. Haha
Super epic moment for Puaysee as she was super confident that he had to keep blowing the candles.
The cake was super nice!!!!!!!
I think it was earl grey flavour. Might be wrong but there's bananas!!! I LOVE IT!
 photo 1451499_10151930507241704_430621653_n.jpg  photo 1452319_10151930497636704_2107778115_n.jpg  photo 1459078_10151930507846704_536713655_n.jpg 
Puaysee was using my phone to take photos because she need to use her phone to make insta video.
Tsk, this girl... 24/7 with her phone one...
 photo 1458599_10151930499896704_201635355_n.jpg  photo 1459225_10151930492456704_389696481_n.jpg 
Birthday boy with his present from us.
Glad that he like it!!
 photo 1465148_10151930496011704_275868680_n.jpg photo 1466101_10151930513316704_372268329_n.jpg  photo 1477840_10151930501466704_513795925_n.jpg  photo 1465375_10151930490516704_886518839_n.jpg  photo 1473012_10151930491301704_615640862_n.jpg  photo 1461336_10151930495111704_31716795_n.jpg  photo 1476650_10151930481321704_963598481_n.jpg  photo 1484135_10151930483456704_178525246_n.jpg

In conclusion,
The Providore wasn't a bad place to dine it. The ambient is good, not too crowd and the staffs are friendly!
However if you wanted to have a proper dinner, I won't recommend it as the portions are quite small and pricey.
I think their cakes are worth the try though. Even though we didn't have it that day, but I heard pretty good reviews for their desserts.
They have a semi open concept for their cafe which I always enjoyed this kind of concept for cafe.

The Providore
333A Orchard Road
Mandarin Gallery 02-05
Singapore 238897
Tel: 6732 1565
Open daily from 9am to 11pm (Including Public holidays)

Looking forward to our next meetup!!!!!

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