Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Strangers' Reunion

Hello everyone!
Finally I'm back here for a quick update!
A few weeks ago, my group mates invited J and me to have brunch together with them at Strangers' Reunion.

 The place was quite easy to locate. Although we went about 2pm, it was still crowded. Guess most people would like to chill at the place. The ambient is really relaxing and the staffs are friendly!
I didn't took a lot of photos because hmm i'm still not very familiar with my new group mates. Haha. Definitely needs some time to warm up to them.

Let's have a brief introduction about Strangers' Reunion!
Most people who came to visit are going for their coffee; that's because their barista is Singapore National Barista Champion & Second runner up at the World latte art Championships (according to their FB).

So let's get started!

 photo 20140115_131029.jpg  photo 20140115_130946.jpg  photo 20140115_134124.jpg 
I ordered their flat white which is my usual now for ordering coffee and J ordered their Magic. 
To me, I think that the coffee is good enough and I feel that the fragrant is there. However, J is someone who truly enjoy drinking coffee and know about coffee, he felt that the coffee wasn't the best. To him, he feel that the coffee lacks of the coffee beans' fragrant. 
Oh well, to each of it own I guess. Or perhaps he had set a high bar after knowing about the history of their barista. 
 photo 20140115_132402.jpg  photo 20140115_132517.jpg 
I did not took photo of the menu so I can't really remember what did we ordered. 
However, I really feel that what J ordered did not justify the amount he paid. 3 KONG BA BAOs (pork belly bun)  for $18 (might be even more)! I think with the amount he paid, my auntie can cook him 1 pot and it's super awesome! 

As for mine, I felt that it's only "so-so" standard. I don't hate it neither do I like it. 
However, according to my friend he mention that their dinner portion are much bigger and more worth it. Perhaps it's for brunch ? 
 photo 20140115_141942.jpg
We then ordered waffles to share.
Personally I like this berry waffle with fruits and greeks yogurt. We also ordered their red velvet waffle. I think that waffle only look good and appealing, the taste was pretty normal. 
Lastly, we ordered truffle fries to share. I love their truffle fries! However, I didn't try many other truffle fries so I can't really do the judge. 

All in all I feel that I will only go back to have their waffles or maybe truffle fries for now.
Perhaps I might change my point of views after trying their dinner menu.
But for now, I seriously don't think it's worth my money for their meals or brunch.
Still a good place to chill and hang out with your friends also to try out some new cafe!

Strangers' Reunion
37 Kampong Bahru Road (Nearest MRT Outram MRT)
Tel: +65 6222 4869
Mon–Sun: 9am – 10pm (Closed on Tue)

Till the next time,

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Taobao hauls ; 65 daigou

Hello everyone!
Recently, I have been very into taobao-ing!
There are so many things that you can find and search on taobao!
Although most of the items are counterfeit but nonetheless the price is really good for most items.

Today, I'm going to share with you 2 items that I recently bought through 65 daigou because it was my first time using it and I'm not too sure how much the shipping would cost if I bought too many stuffs.

I bought 2 knit cardigans and a laptop casing for my macbook (which I didn't forget to take photos of it) at a very very good price. The shipping was quite reasonable I guess. about $3+ per item. Might be because I only bought 3 items as the 1st 500g will be the most expensive and subsequent 100 grams would be much cheaper.

The 1st cardigan that I received it this. I was very surprise about the quality when I opened it!
It's super duper soft, thick and feel so good!

I didn't expect it to be that good as I paid less than $10 for this item (excluding shipping)
definitely make me feel like ordering more of the same design but in different colour!
Even the buttons doesn't feel cheap. 

Although the knit details were slightly different from the picture, still it was almost 100% similar to the online picture. 

   photo SAM_3483.jpg  photo SAM_3485.jpg  photo SAM_3496.jpg  photo SAM_3499.jpg  photo SAM_3501.jpg 

The next cardigan I got totally shocked me.  Haha. Not really in a good way.
The shape was totally different from what I saw on the website and the quality wasn't the best though. 
The materials feel rough on my skins but not to the extent that I regret buying it. 
I'm not too sure what is the material but definitely not cotton.

I know that the design of this cardigan is suppose to be baggy and oversized, but the shape was really off. As seen on the 2nd picture, it's a rectangle shape cardigan and it is really HUGE.
J say maybe because I'm petite and short that's why it look so super oversize on me but WHATEVER!!I still like it a lot.

This cardigan was slightly more expensive. About $11 I think excluding shipping. 

 photo SAM_3492.jpg  photo SAM_3489.jpg  photo SAM_3490.jpg   photo SAM_3498.jpg

Overall, I think 65daigou is not that bad if you need taobao agent in Singapore.
Even Puaysee uses their service and tell me that they are really not bad!
I choose self collection for my items since the collection place is near my place.

The shipping itself was reasonable I guess. Although there are some other agent that offer lower price but I always trust Puaysee when it come to shopping! Haha!
So, if you want to enjoy shopping from taobao buying loots that you see on blogshop that are selling at a higher price, try going to taobao and search for it!

Sign up for 65daigou and shop like mad! Haha! The price is really really affordable. However, do not order now because China is having their CNY holiday really soon. So I doubt they will send out your orders now. Their CNY holidays if I'm not wrong is about 15 days or even a month. So send in your order after that to received it on time. Unless you don't mind waiting then you can send in your order today!

However, if you only want to order 1 item, I really don't recommend ordering through 65daigou because the shipping is totally not worth it. Even if the item is less than 500g, you still have to pay the amount for the 1st 500g.

I would recommend you to join spree. 1 of the spree holder that I always join and my very 1st taobao purchase was made through Yanting Spree. She have ALOT of other spree such as drugstore, bath and body works and many more! Recently, I just joined 2 of her sprees and waiting for my items now.

Although her shipping and handling fee is a little pricy but definitely more worth it if you are buying lesser items then to order it yourself. I had done my calculation!

I know this post is really lengthy but I hope you have enjoy it!
Till then,

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Group Therapy Katong

Toward the end of December,
I took about 1 week off from work so that I can enjoyed the last few days of my holiday.
So, J happened to saw his friends posting about group therapy and so happen that they recently opened an outlet at Katong V which was super near my place.

We decided to go and try out!!!
However, to our slight disappointment, the menu seem to be different from the one that we saw online. The Katong V outlet seem to have a lesser variety of foods as compare to the Duxton Rd outlet.

The atmosphere wasn't that bad however, the place wasn't very big too. Since it was located at Marine Parade, there were quite a number of taitais and ang mor taitais having their brunch or high tea over there with their kids. Surprisingly, there wasn't any screaming kids or babies. Not too bad!

The service was decent although you have to order over the counter by yourselves. I would it is a nice place to chill out and relax. Might be because of the location, Katong V itself was quite quiet and not much crowd. Definitely would go back there if I ever crave for their pancake!!!

 photo 20131217_154643.jpg  photo 20131217_155207.jpg  photo 20131217_155229.jpg  photo 20131217_155652.jpg  photo 20131217_155436.jpg  photo 20131217_155519.jpg  photo 20131217_160213.jpg

I really can't remember what I ordered because it was not on the online menu.
The pie if I'm not wrong is their Steak and Cheese Pie.
Not too bad but the crust was a little thick. Also, the portion was not very huge too.
The dessert is nice! Love the texture of the pancake. Soft and combine with the maple syrup ; DOPE!
The mushroom soup was their soup of the day. Very creamy and you can still bite the mushroom bites. I think it was really 1 of the best dish that we had tried other than the dessert!

If you ever drop by parkway or east coast or I12 area, do head over to Katong V to try it out!
It is beside I12 if I remember correctly or directly behind Roxy Square/Hotel!

Group Therapy @ Katong V
30 East Coast Rd, #01-01
Katong V
Daily: 9am to 9pm

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

M.A.C Lipstick Sunny Seoul

Hello everyone ~
Today, I have another Mac lipstick to review again!
This was a gift from J because he went oversea during December and asked me if I wanted anything.
Since the place he went wasn't really convenient for shopping, I just asked him to grab a lipstick for me at the duty free! (I LOVE DUTY FREE)

So, he got Sunny Seoul for me! Totally loving it!
I had never owned any pink lipstick so I was looking forward to wear this lipstick!
Once again, it's a cremesheen finish lipstick which I love from Mac. (If there any other better finish do let me know! I like opaque lipstick but I'm not really liking their matte finish though)

I first heard/see this particular lipstick from Jenn (@clothesencounters ; 1 of my favourite fashion youtuber) and totally love the look/colour from her lip! Then I went on to Pinterest to search for more images and really liking the colour from different lighting plus, I really like the name Sunny Seoul! I like being in Seoul and when I was there, it was indeed sunny! Haha!

 photo SAM_3470.jpg  photo SAM_3471.jpg  photo SAM_3472.jpg  photo SAM_3473.jpg  photo SAM_3476.jpg
1 thing I realised about this lipstick is, the swatch came out pretty different when applied onto my lip.  Might be the fact that my lip are pretty pigmented but I also realised that at different lighting , the intensity of the colour seem to be different.

From the swatch it give off an almost intense hot pink, however upon applied on my lip it wasn't as intense as it seem but you can still see that it's a strong/bold pink. However, that lip photo was taken directly under sunlight and it seem to be light pink rather than hot pink.

Either way, I'm really liking this lipstick and it seem to be my everyday lipstick now rather than my etude house lipstick (my all time, ultimate, favourite, first, etc coral lipstick) because of the colour. Never thought that I would like pink or suit pink lipstick.

I guess because Sunny Seoul has a warm undertone thus suit me better as I have yellow undertone.

Totally loving this lipstick for now!
I'm sure if you have a warm undertone you will definitely love this pink lipstick!
If you're looking for a new spring or summer lipstick colour, give this a try!!

That's all for this review.
Thanks for reading!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Illumi Run 2013

Back to 7th December,
I joined the illumi run 2013 with Jannah and it was also the 1st time this event was held in Singapore.
Literally party on the run with all the DJs and the neon glow waters.
Like what others say, "Party without all the heels and fancy clothes".
There are also after party too! Quite fun to go with a bigger group of friends too!
Enjoy the photos~
 photo 20131207_181826.jpg  photo IMG-20131225-WA0013.jpg  photo IMG-20131225-WA0011.jpg  photo IMG-20131225-WA0012.jpg  photo IMG-20131225-WA0007.jpg  photo IMG-20131225-WA0005.jpg  photo 20131207_183142.jpg  photo 20131207_185710.jpg  photo 20131207_185734.jpg  photo 20131207_190307.jpg  photo IMG-20131225-WA0009.jpg  photo 20131207_192554.jpg  photo 20131207_192622.jpg  photo 20131207_192629.jpg  photo 20131207_204347.jpg  photo IMG-20131225-WA0010.jpg  photo 20131207_204404.jpg

Another 1st time experience with Jannah again!
Always glad to have her to try out all the brand new adventure!!!

Video from Jannah!! Can take a look at how the run look like!
Illumi run 2013 ; Party on the run
p/s: I nearly slipped during 1 of the check point xD

Till then,