Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Group Therapy Katong

Toward the end of December,
I took about 1 week off from work so that I can enjoyed the last few days of my holiday.
So, J happened to saw his friends posting about group therapy and so happen that they recently opened an outlet at Katong V which was super near my place.

We decided to go and try out!!!
However, to our slight disappointment, the menu seem to be different from the one that we saw online. The Katong V outlet seem to have a lesser variety of foods as compare to the Duxton Rd outlet.

The atmosphere wasn't that bad however, the place wasn't very big too. Since it was located at Marine Parade, there were quite a number of taitais and ang mor taitais having their brunch or high tea over there with their kids. Surprisingly, there wasn't any screaming kids or babies. Not too bad!

The service was decent although you have to order over the counter by yourselves. I would it is a nice place to chill out and relax. Might be because of the location, Katong V itself was quite quiet and not much crowd. Definitely would go back there if I ever crave for their pancake!!!

 photo 20131217_154643.jpg  photo 20131217_155207.jpg  photo 20131217_155229.jpg  photo 20131217_155652.jpg  photo 20131217_155436.jpg  photo 20131217_155519.jpg  photo 20131217_160213.jpg

I really can't remember what I ordered because it was not on the online menu.
The pie if I'm not wrong is their Steak and Cheese Pie.
Not too bad but the crust was a little thick. Also, the portion was not very huge too.
The dessert is nice! Love the texture of the pancake. Soft and combine with the maple syrup ; DOPE!
The mushroom soup was their soup of the day. Very creamy and you can still bite the mushroom bites. I think it was really 1 of the best dish that we had tried other than the dessert!

If you ever drop by parkway or east coast or I12 area, do head over to Katong V to try it out!
It is beside I12 if I remember correctly or directly behind Roxy Square/Hotel!

Group Therapy @ Katong V
30 East Coast Rd, #01-01
Katong V
Daily: 9am to 9pm

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