Friday, January 3, 2014

Illumi Run 2013

Back to 7th December,
I joined the illumi run 2013 with Jannah and it was also the 1st time this event was held in Singapore.
Literally party on the run with all the DJs and the neon glow waters.
Like what others say, "Party without all the heels and fancy clothes".
There are also after party too! Quite fun to go with a bigger group of friends too!
Enjoy the photos~
 photo 20131207_181826.jpg  photo IMG-20131225-WA0013.jpg  photo IMG-20131225-WA0011.jpg  photo IMG-20131225-WA0012.jpg  photo IMG-20131225-WA0007.jpg  photo IMG-20131225-WA0005.jpg  photo 20131207_183142.jpg  photo 20131207_185710.jpg  photo 20131207_185734.jpg  photo 20131207_190307.jpg  photo IMG-20131225-WA0009.jpg  photo 20131207_192554.jpg  photo 20131207_192622.jpg  photo 20131207_192629.jpg  photo 20131207_204347.jpg  photo IMG-20131225-WA0010.jpg  photo 20131207_204404.jpg

Another 1st time experience with Jannah again!
Always glad to have her to try out all the brand new adventure!!!

Video from Jannah!! Can take a look at how the run look like!
Illumi run 2013 ; Party on the run
p/s: I nearly slipped during 1 of the check point xD

Till then,

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