Tuesday, January 7, 2014

M.A.C Lipstick Sunny Seoul

Hello everyone ~
Today, I have another Mac lipstick to review again!
This was a gift from J because he went oversea during December and asked me if I wanted anything.
Since the place he went wasn't really convenient for shopping, I just asked him to grab a lipstick for me at the duty free! (I LOVE DUTY FREE)

So, he got Sunny Seoul for me! Totally loving it!
I had never owned any pink lipstick so I was looking forward to wear this lipstick!
Once again, it's a cremesheen finish lipstick which I love from Mac. (If there any other better finish do let me know! I like opaque lipstick but I'm not really liking their matte finish though)

I first heard/see this particular lipstick from Jenn (@clothesencounters ; 1 of my favourite fashion youtuber) and totally love the look/colour from her lip! Then I went on to Pinterest to search for more images and really liking the colour from different lighting plus, I really like the name Sunny Seoul! I like being in Seoul and when I was there, it was indeed sunny! Haha!

 photo SAM_3470.jpg  photo SAM_3471.jpg  photo SAM_3472.jpg  photo SAM_3473.jpg  photo SAM_3476.jpg
1 thing I realised about this lipstick is, the swatch came out pretty different when applied onto my lip.  Might be the fact that my lip are pretty pigmented but I also realised that at different lighting , the intensity of the colour seem to be different.

From the swatch it give off an almost intense hot pink, however upon applied on my lip it wasn't as intense as it seem but you can still see that it's a strong/bold pink. However, that lip photo was taken directly under sunlight and it seem to be light pink rather than hot pink.

Either way, I'm really liking this lipstick and it seem to be my everyday lipstick now rather than my etude house lipstick (my all time, ultimate, favourite, first, etc coral lipstick) because of the colour. Never thought that I would like pink or suit pink lipstick.

I guess because Sunny Seoul has a warm undertone thus suit me better as I have yellow undertone.

Totally loving this lipstick for now!
I'm sure if you have a warm undertone you will definitely love this pink lipstick!
If you're looking for a new spring or summer lipstick colour, give this a try!!

That's all for this review.
Thanks for reading!


  1. I think I'm going to pick this lipstick up! It's beautiful. I, too, heard it from Jenn after she talked about it in one of her videos.


    1. yes yes! It's a really pretty shade!!! I'm sure you will like it too!

      gwen (: