Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Strangers' Reunion

Hello everyone!
Finally I'm back here for a quick update!
A few weeks ago, my group mates invited J and me to have brunch together with them at Strangers' Reunion.

 The place was quite easy to locate. Although we went about 2pm, it was still crowded. Guess most people would like to chill at the place. The ambient is really relaxing and the staffs are friendly!
I didn't took a lot of photos because hmm i'm still not very familiar with my new group mates. Haha. Definitely needs some time to warm up to them.

Let's have a brief introduction about Strangers' Reunion!
Most people who came to visit are going for their coffee; that's because their barista is Singapore National Barista Champion & Second runner up at the World latte art Championships (according to their FB).

So let's get started!

 photo 20140115_131029.jpg  photo 20140115_130946.jpg  photo 20140115_134124.jpg 
I ordered their flat white which is my usual now for ordering coffee and J ordered their Magic. 
To me, I think that the coffee is good enough and I feel that the fragrant is there. However, J is someone who truly enjoy drinking coffee and know about coffee, he felt that the coffee wasn't the best. To him, he feel that the coffee lacks of the coffee beans' fragrant. 
Oh well, to each of it own I guess. Or perhaps he had set a high bar after knowing about the history of their barista. 
 photo 20140115_132402.jpg  photo 20140115_132517.jpg 
I did not took photo of the menu so I can't really remember what did we ordered. 
However, I really feel that what J ordered did not justify the amount he paid. 3 KONG BA BAOs (pork belly bun)  for $18 (might be even more)! I think with the amount he paid, my auntie can cook him 1 pot and it's super awesome! 

As for mine, I felt that it's only "so-so" standard. I don't hate it neither do I like it. 
However, according to my friend he mention that their dinner portion are much bigger and more worth it. Perhaps it's for brunch ? 
 photo 20140115_141942.jpg
We then ordered waffles to share.
Personally I like this berry waffle with fruits and greeks yogurt. We also ordered their red velvet waffle. I think that waffle only look good and appealing, the taste was pretty normal. 
Lastly, we ordered truffle fries to share. I love their truffle fries! However, I didn't try many other truffle fries so I can't really do the judge. 

All in all I feel that I will only go back to have their waffles or maybe truffle fries for now.
Perhaps I might change my point of views after trying their dinner menu.
But for now, I seriously don't think it's worth my money for their meals or brunch.
Still a good place to chill and hang out with your friends also to try out some new cafe!

Strangers' Reunion
37 Kampong Bahru Road (Nearest MRT Outram MRT)
Tel: +65 6222 4869
Mon–Sun: 9am – 10pm (Closed on Tue)

Till the next time,

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