Sunday, January 19, 2014

Taobao hauls ; 65 daigou

Hello everyone!
Recently, I have been very into taobao-ing!
There are so many things that you can find and search on taobao!
Although most of the items are counterfeit but nonetheless the price is really good for most items.

Today, I'm going to share with you 2 items that I recently bought through 65 daigou because it was my first time using it and I'm not too sure how much the shipping would cost if I bought too many stuffs.

I bought 2 knit cardigans and a laptop casing for my macbook (which I didn't forget to take photos of it) at a very very good price. The shipping was quite reasonable I guess. about $3+ per item. Might be because I only bought 3 items as the 1st 500g will be the most expensive and subsequent 100 grams would be much cheaper.

The 1st cardigan that I received it this. I was very surprise about the quality when I opened it!
It's super duper soft, thick and feel so good!

I didn't expect it to be that good as I paid less than $10 for this item (excluding shipping)
definitely make me feel like ordering more of the same design but in different colour!
Even the buttons doesn't feel cheap. 

Although the knit details were slightly different from the picture, still it was almost 100% similar to the online picture. 

   photo SAM_3483.jpg  photo SAM_3485.jpg  photo SAM_3496.jpg  photo SAM_3499.jpg  photo SAM_3501.jpg 

The next cardigan I got totally shocked me.  Haha. Not really in a good way.
The shape was totally different from what I saw on the website and the quality wasn't the best though. 
The materials feel rough on my skins but not to the extent that I regret buying it. 
I'm not too sure what is the material but definitely not cotton.

I know that the design of this cardigan is suppose to be baggy and oversized, but the shape was really off. As seen on the 2nd picture, it's a rectangle shape cardigan and it is really HUGE.
J say maybe because I'm petite and short that's why it look so super oversize on me but WHATEVER!!I still like it a lot.

This cardigan was slightly more expensive. About $11 I think excluding shipping. 

 photo SAM_3492.jpg  photo SAM_3489.jpg  photo SAM_3490.jpg   photo SAM_3498.jpg

Overall, I think 65daigou is not that bad if you need taobao agent in Singapore.
Even Puaysee uses their service and tell me that they are really not bad!
I choose self collection for my items since the collection place is near my place.

The shipping itself was reasonable I guess. Although there are some other agent that offer lower price but I always trust Puaysee when it come to shopping! Haha!
So, if you want to enjoy shopping from taobao buying loots that you see on blogshop that are selling at a higher price, try going to taobao and search for it!

Sign up for 65daigou and shop like mad! Haha! The price is really really affordable. However, do not order now because China is having their CNY holiday really soon. So I doubt they will send out your orders now. Their CNY holidays if I'm not wrong is about 15 days or even a month. So send in your order after that to received it on time. Unless you don't mind waiting then you can send in your order today!

However, if you only want to order 1 item, I really don't recommend ordering through 65daigou because the shipping is totally not worth it. Even if the item is less than 500g, you still have to pay the amount for the 1st 500g.

I would recommend you to join spree. 1 of the spree holder that I always join and my very 1st taobao purchase was made through Yanting Spree. She have ALOT of other spree such as drugstore, bath and body works and many more! Recently, I just joined 2 of her sprees and waiting for my items now.

Although her shipping and handling fee is a little pricy but definitely more worth it if you are buying lesser items then to order it yourself. I had done my calculation!

I know this post is really lengthy but I hope you have enjoy it!
Till then,

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