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Advertorial: BeautyBiotics Dream Cream

Hello everyone!
Today I have a brand new range of products to share with you girls!

A little disclaimer here,
Although the products are send to me to try, I really did try out for about 3 weeks before writing up this review okay!!! So, it's not just some paid review. I promise! Special thanks to samplestore for this opportunities! 

BeautyBiotics is a new brand for me. Before this, I have never heard of this brand before.  So, what is BeautyBiotics about?

They are a new range of dermatological cosmetics that use NANO TECHNOLOGY to add on to their  products so that they will be more hydrating and not to forget about anti-aging properties!!
Doesn't it sound cool?! Nano technology! I have no idea what is that though but i know it is good for the skin because it help the ingredient to penetrate better and enhance skin cell regeneration!!

BeautyBiotics uses Light Infusion Technology too.
Not all  light are bad for skin especially the misconception of sunlight. Sunlight actually provide our skin with Vitamin D. Therefore girls, don't be afraid to be in the sun because you don't want to be tanned. Always wear a good sunblock!

BeautyBiotics is dermatologist tested for sensitive skin and specially made in Japan for Asian skin and have active ingredient that will help to :
  1. Regenerate skin elastin and collagen for plumped up softness
  2. Intensely hydrate for supple skin
  3. Improve skin radiance and clarity
  4. Effectively whiten for luminous, bright skin

Let's get started with my review shall we?

 photo SAM_3583.jpg  photo SAM_3626.jpg  photo SAM_3627.jpg  photo SAM_3629.jpg  photo SAM_3631.jpg
This is their UV White Nano Mineral Powder (SGD$49)
This powder contain Nano collagen, Hyaluronic acid and Alpha Arbutin formula which help to regenerate, brighten and hydrate skin. As you can see from the photo, it is very easy to apply. I use this as my sunblock and it work really well!
Have you ever seen a powder sunscreen before? I have never so this actually amuse me!!! It is very easy to reapply so I can definitely bring this out and touch up anything I want. 
So how much SPF is inside this small and awesome sunblock? SPF50/PA+++!! 
Isn't that awesome? Most importantly it doesn't cast any white cast if I take flash photo.
 photo SAM_3633.jpg 
So, the next item will be their Dream Cream BB/CC cream (SGD$39)
I was so looking forward to try this because I have never use a CC cream before and I love BB cream. And this is a combination of both! 
This BB/CC cream is really hydrating and does not show any of my dry patch around my mouth area. 
The texture is smooth and thick. Definitely not sheer; maybe a middle coverage but buildable to full coverage if you want. 
 photo SAM_3638.jpg  photo SAM_3639.jpg  photo SAM_3640.jpg
The coverage is so buildable that you can actually double it up as a concealer! Never know this is how I look while blending the cream. Haha don't you think it's quite comical ? 
Although the texture can be quite heavy, I can definitely not feel the "heaviness" on my face. 
Which is something I really like plus it help me save my concealer! 
 photo SAM_3641.jpg  photo SAM_3654.jpg
This small tube of BB/CC cream is actually very "powerful"! It's a 12-in-1 cream and filled with all the goodness that I have never seen or use on other BB cream. 
The 12 properties that is inside this small tube are hydrating, whitening, pore refinement, cell renewal, collagen regeneration, sebum control, anti-ance, wrinkle, ageing, itch, inflammation, UV protected (SPF40/PA+++) and lastly skin repair. 
Tell me have you ever see a cream that can does all this stuffs?!
I really like this product out of everything that was sent to me. Most importantly, it doesn't break me out and the shade was the right shade!
This product come in 3 shades fair, glitter and tan selling for SGD$39 which I find it pretty reasonable for a BB/CC cream. 
 photo face.jpg  photo nose.jpg
Here are some before (left) and after (right) to show that the cream actually help to cover up pores! I just recovered from all the pimple outbreak so my skin is pretty clear now.  
 photo SAM_3655.jpg 
This is the last item and last step for my face makeup!
BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder (SGD$49)
I feel that this give me a very sheer and light coverage. 
Which doesn't bother me because I use this as a finishing powder so it's good that it is toward the sheer coverage. I definitely don't want to look as if I cake the whole face with powder. 
 photo SAM_3656.jpg  photo SAM_3663.jpg  photo SAM_3664.jpg  photo SAM_3665.jpg 
Normally, I don't use the puff that they give because I feel it harder to work with. 
I prefer using a brush to blend everything out evenly. 
However, you can definitely use the puff given to put on your makeup. It give off a nice finish and once again, this product contain SPF40/PA+++
 photo SAM_3670.jpg 
This is how it look like after applying the powder.
It make my pores look almost invisible and due to the light diffusing pearl crystal, it reflect and make my skin look so smooth~ 1 additional point to add on is, this powder is waterproof. You don't have to worry that the make up will "melt" during hot and humid day or caught in the rain. 
 photo SAM_3673.jpg
The only downside for me is the shimmer. I don't really like shimmer product but not to worry if you don't like shimmer product, they come in 2 different finish; Shimmer and Matte. 
I'm so going to purchase the matte finish to try out once I'm done with this shimmer powder. 
 photo SAM_3678.jpg
If you're interested in buying BeautyBiotic products, you can find them at any Watsons Singapore Outlet pretty soon!! Definitely give the BB/CC cream a try! It is exclusive to Watsons only! 
And if you want to find out more about their products or promotion, remember to like them on their Facebook page over here BeautyBiotic to get the latest update! 
Till then,

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