Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014

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Hello everyone ~
Finally I'm here to update about Chinese new year!~
How's everyone chinese new year?? Did you guys get a lot of red packets (Ang Bao)?
I can't exactly remember what did I do, but i definitely enjoy eating all the good foods and steamboat!

Is it just me or is CNY getting more and more boring?
I mean, other than eating and gambling I don't really find it interesting anymore.
Perhaps is because I'm old now :(
Don't get to play all the childish games and stuffs?

Either way, I had a great Chinese new year break before school start!
But now,  it's a torture now :(

Sorry for the lacks of update but I really need to rush a lot for my school works.
Will try to stick to having a new post every week!

Till then,

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