Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in 235 Mischievous

Hello everyone!
I'm here for another round of Revlon Review!
Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in 235 Mischievous.

This is their newest balm stick which come in either matte or glossy finish.
I didn't really like the glossy finish that's why I choose this matte finish.
And I saw Zoe from Zoella has this particular colour! So, yup. I always like her taste on lipstick.

I was really looking forward for this product because it seem to be highly raved by many Youtube Gurus. Wastons was having buy 2 get 1 free promotion for Revlon. So I decided to get this and 2 concealers. This item cost SGD$19.90 / $18.90. I can't remember the exact price.

 photo SAM_3691.jpg  photo SAM_3695.jpg  photo SAM_3700.jpg 
So this is the swatch for this particular colour. Seem really orange and peachy in real life. I find it suitable for my skin tone (warm/yellow) and a nice colour to wear during spring and summer. Although it's summer throughout the year in Singapore. I have no idea why it seems pinkish on my laptop. Somehow it remind me of Sunny Seoul by Mac. But it definitely doesn't have the pink tone in real life.
 photo SAM_3703.jpg 
This is how my lip without any product look like.
Dry, flakey and kinda with dark pigmentation? 

 photo SAM_3709.jpg 
Since this is suppose to be a balm, sometime I do wear it without putting lip balm. However, as you can see, the colour is nice but it emphasise on my dry and flakey lip. The colour doesn't apply as smooth and it does sit on the dry line. 

 photo SAM_3712.jpg
This is how it look like after applying lip balm under it. 
No flakey and dry line but somehow defeat its purpose for being a balm?

Although I know this is a matte lipstick(?) which is not suitable for dry lip.
But since Revlon emphasise that this is a balm lipstick(?) I will think that it will help to hydrate and moist my poor dry lip.

Unfortunately it didn't. I would have to apply a separate lip balm in order to have a smooth finish.
Still, I will recommend this matte balm because I really like the colour and idea. At least this isn't a stain which sometime can be a pain to remove it.
I really like the mint feeling/taste/scent. Feel really nice and smell good too!
Maybe the lacquer balm will be a better choice for me?

Hope you enjoy this short review.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Empties Products - March

Wow, finally there's another empties post.
Sorry for the super delayed post!!! Have been really busy as exams are around the corner.
Literally around the corner :(

Haven't been using up my products which is good and bad though. 
Good meanings I am saving my money to buy new products ; bad meaning the products might be very old!!!

Anyway, here we go!

Let's start with some body/hair care items.

 photo SAM_3686.jpg 

Opti- Free Pure Moist Solution : I'm always using this brand for my contact lenses, which work well for me and doesn't irritate my eyes. This is a supposedly "upgrade" version from my old Opti- Free Replenish Solution but I honestly doesn't feel much different. Perhaps this contain more "moist" ? Not very sure though but it is much more expensive compare to the other. 

For the next 3 products, Organix Argan oil of morocco shampoo, cherry blossom ginseng conditioner and L'Oreal Paris Argan oil, you can find the details post over here. In short, all these 3 products are really good products that I will repurchase it! 

The Body Shop shower gel, Raspberry: As usual, I didn't like it but this was free. So, instead of using this to shower I use it as a hand soap. Because no one in my household would really use this to bath because we really don't like the "oily" feeling. Maybe other than Nicole. Which I do sometime use it on her when she wanted it. 

Ellips Hair Vitamins with Jojoba Oil: This pill work for dry and damage hair but the only downside is the smell. I absolutely hate it! to me, it stink! Oh well, I'm still trying to clear it as I'm left with the one with aloe vera oil. 

Colgate Optic White toothpaste: 1 of my favourite whitening toothpaste that I can find in Singapore. This item has been feature for a couple of time. You can read it up on my previous empties post to check it out. 

 photo SAM_3688.jpg 

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner: This is a gigantic bottle of toner! 500ml! They claim to have 7 features in 1 bottle. Such as minimise pores, clear clog pore etc. Which I really find its work! Especially my nose area. My blackheads are getting less visible and I'm not using any blackhead remover products. So I guess this toner did help? This product is really value for money! I been using this for almost 6 months. Definitely check this toner out if you want a toner that works and value for money. 

Formula 10.0.6 Pore Be Pure skin-clarifying mud mask with Strawberry +Yarrow : I think this mud mask is really nice and it work but somehow it sting my face pretty bad. Everytime after washing off the mask, my face will become really red. And it does hurt. I choose to believe that the hurting sensation is the mask trying to squeeze out everything from my pores. Haha. I'm really glad that I finally finish using it. I'm currently using another mud mask that doesn't sting and smell really yummy! 

Natural Republic UV lock flower Water proof sun cream with SPF 50+ PA+++ : Have been using for quite a while. Like the light texture and it doesn't leave any white case under my foundation. However, I don't think there's anymore Natural Republic in Singapore. I don't like to buy from reseller as they normally charge way higher. If you really want to try, I think there is a stall in Bugis street carry them. 

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moist Eye cream: I don't think this is the best eye cream but it is not that bad too. I can't seem to find a better eye cream that does not burn a hole in my pocket. So I'm just stuck with this eye cream for now. It does moisture my eye areas but did nothing much regarding dark circles. I guess because I sleep really late too. But not too bad for a drugstore brand. At least it doesn't cause any seeds to appear. *cross finger*

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil: My HOLY GRAIL. Just go buy it and try! 

 photo SAM_3689.jpg

Silky Girl Blush Hour in 03 Flashing Rose: This is my oldest blush but it is my most favourite too. I didn't really finish using it though. I did hit pan but definitely can last me another good 6 months BUT I dropped it on the floor. Because it was so close to finishing, the whole thing just shatter into fine powder on the floor. For now, I still have other blushes so won't be repurchasing it. Still, this is my favourite matte, pink blush. Plus it's really affordable! 

That's all for my March Empties.
Hope you girls enjoy it!

Till then,

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'm sure most people have heard of this website.
Basically, it's a website that you can redeem sample and try out before purchasing full size.

This was my first time redeem thus I only redeem 3 items because the rest of the items I have already tried or have the sample from other sources. There are some items that are sponsor so, you just have to use your points to redeem and you can get the items for free without mailing fee.

Otherwise, you will have to pay the mailing fee. Which isn't a lot too. There's a maximum redeem (4 times) for each checkout. Well, you can always earn points by referral and reviews. So no worries about not enough points.

So let's get started!

 photo SAM_3679.jpg  photo SAM_3680.jpg 
 photo SAM_3681.jpg 

Darlie Expert Fresh toothpaste: This is their newest toothpaste and I really like the feeling after using it. Really leave your mouth a fresh and clean feeling. However, this does not whitening effect. My mum will love this toothpaste because of the "Fresh" feeling plus she's a big fan for Darlie. 

 photo SAM_3682.jpg  photo SAM_3683.jpg 
Darlie Double action Enamel protect : I'm currently using this toothpaste because like what I previously say, my mum is a big fan of Darlie. I just redeem this because I want to make the package more worth it? Haha rather than just redeem 2 items. 

 photo SAM_3684.jpg

This is a collagen powder. Wasn't a fan of this because of my very first encounter. The other brand has very strong fishy smell and I HATE IT! This does not have that fishy smell (thank god) so it is basically tasteless. Hopefully it will help to repair my body but I doubt it will as I only have 1 satchel. 

So these are the items I redeem on my very first checkout.
It is definitely a fun site to try out free samples. (If you are a cheapo like me, DON'T MISS OUT!)
Let's earn points together and if you don't mind , sign up using my links and you can earn points too!

If not, you can always visit the website without using my link. No worries!
Currently, I am still waiting for my 2nd redemption to reach me.

I swear the postman around my house area SUCK!
I have 2 parcels that haven't reach me since last month! Seriously.
All my parcels/ packages have been delayed really badly ever since January.
I find it really irresponsible for them to just brush it off by saying it may be lost.

HELLO, the sellers/companies send out the items and because of YOU, SINGPOST or the postman who misplace or whatever you guys did, the buyer will never get the items. Then tell us "Sorry, normal postage can't be track. If it didn't reach you means it's lost." HOW DAFAQ WILL WE KNOW IT WILL BE LOST?! and the question is WHY will it be lost? Unless your postman steal it. Which is seriously wth. Then make the sellers/buyers responsible for it? NO WAY. It's super unfair to both parties (the sellers/companies and buyers).

I just hope both parcels will reach me soon. I am really very angry with their service. And the worse part is, they are the only postal service in Singapore.
Seriously, what's wrong with the postman? My parcels mostly contain makeup or clothes. Are you going to use it?

Sorry for the rants but I am really really very angry and piss off with their attitude. Especially telling me to use register mail. HELLO, so you are telling me normal mail = lost mails = unsafe? They seriously need to change their attitude.

Till then,

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Just a short update.

Hello everyone!!
Finally I'm done with all my projects!! LIKE A FINALLY!
But not much time for a break before I need to start preparing for my exams..

I really feel times in uni pass super fast, I think I start school for only 3 months? And here I am preparing for my exams..

Recently, there really nothing much that happen in my life except for last Saturday! Which I would save it for the next post! Need to wait for my friends to upload the photos before I can blog it!

Sometime, I really have no idea what to blog.. Because my life isn't always happen. Right now, the only places that I always go to is either School, Home, Jere's place or Nicole's school which is at Bedok.
That's it.

No time to go out everyday to try out different cafes, no time to go on a physical shopping.. Most of the time I shop online and I began to realize the postman at my house area seem to ALWAYS delay the parcel. I'm still waiting for a parcel that has been send to me 2 weeks ago... I have bad feeling but I'm still keeping my hope. My supplements is in there! And it's quite expensive!!! *pray really hard that it will arrive by tomorrow*  If not, I think most likely it's a lost mail :( The seller is super trust worthy so I doubt she didn't send it.

My other online obsessions is TAOBAO! OH MY, can't stop shopping over there. I'm always hunting for the cheapest deal but not so much on quality though. Definitely a place for me to buy fast fashion items. So I would not feel heartache when I start to clear my closet.

On another note, I went to watch Captain America: The winter Solider today!!!

Chris Evans is just TOO HOT! Haha. He's my favourite in Avengers in term of looks haha.
Nonetheless, the movie is really nice! Go watch if you haven't! Totally worth your money!

Anyway to end this short update, here a photo of us at 2degree ice art~
If possible, do let me know what to blog about.. I'm clueless :'(

Yes, that's a selfie stick! xD

Till then,