Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Just a short update.

Hello everyone!!
Finally I'm done with all my projects!! LIKE A FINALLY!
But not much time for a break before I need to start preparing for my exams..

I really feel times in uni pass super fast, I think I start school for only 3 months? And here I am preparing for my exams..

Recently, there really nothing much that happen in my life except for last Saturday! Which I would save it for the next post! Need to wait for my friends to upload the photos before I can blog it!

Sometime, I really have no idea what to blog.. Because my life isn't always happen. Right now, the only places that I always go to is either School, Home, Jere's place or Nicole's school which is at Bedok.
That's it.

No time to go out everyday to try out different cafes, no time to go on a physical shopping.. Most of the time I shop online and I began to realize the postman at my house area seem to ALWAYS delay the parcel. I'm still waiting for a parcel that has been send to me 2 weeks ago... I have bad feeling but I'm still keeping my hope. My supplements is in there! And it's quite expensive!!! *pray really hard that it will arrive by tomorrow*  If not, I think most likely it's a lost mail :( The seller is super trust worthy so I doubt she didn't send it.

My other online obsessions is TAOBAO! OH MY, can't stop shopping over there. I'm always hunting for the cheapest deal but not so much on quality though. Definitely a place for me to buy fast fashion items. So I would not feel heartache when I start to clear my closet.

On another note, I went to watch Captain America: The winter Solider today!!!

Chris Evans is just TOO HOT! Haha. He's my favourite in Avengers in term of looks haha.
Nonetheless, the movie is really nice! Go watch if you haven't! Totally worth your money!

Anyway to end this short update, here a photo of us at 2degree ice art~
If possible, do let me know what to blog about.. I'm clueless :'(

Yes, that's a selfie stick! xD

Till then,

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