Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in 235 Mischievous

Hello everyone!
I'm here for another round of Revlon Review!
Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in 235 Mischievous.

This is their newest balm stick which come in either matte or glossy finish.
I didn't really like the glossy finish that's why I choose this matte finish.
And I saw Zoe from Zoella has this particular colour! So, yup. I always like her taste on lipstick.

I was really looking forward for this product because it seem to be highly raved by many Youtube Gurus. Wastons was having buy 2 get 1 free promotion for Revlon. So I decided to get this and 2 concealers. This item cost SGD$19.90 / $18.90. I can't remember the exact price.

 photo SAM_3691.jpg  photo SAM_3695.jpg  photo SAM_3700.jpg 
So this is the swatch for this particular colour. Seem really orange and peachy in real life. I find it suitable for my skin tone (warm/yellow) and a nice colour to wear during spring and summer. Although it's summer throughout the year in Singapore. I have no idea why it seems pinkish on my laptop. Somehow it remind me of Sunny Seoul by Mac. But it definitely doesn't have the pink tone in real life.
 photo SAM_3703.jpg 
This is how my lip without any product look like.
Dry, flakey and kinda with dark pigmentation? 

 photo SAM_3709.jpg 
Since this is suppose to be a balm, sometime I do wear it without putting lip balm. However, as you can see, the colour is nice but it emphasise on my dry and flakey lip. The colour doesn't apply as smooth and it does sit on the dry line. 

 photo SAM_3712.jpg
This is how it look like after applying lip balm under it. 
No flakey and dry line but somehow defeat its purpose for being a balm?

Although I know this is a matte lipstick(?) which is not suitable for dry lip.
But since Revlon emphasise that this is a balm lipstick(?) I will think that it will help to hydrate and moist my poor dry lip.

Unfortunately it didn't. I would have to apply a separate lip balm in order to have a smooth finish.
Still, I will recommend this matte balm because I really like the colour and idea. At least this isn't a stain which sometime can be a pain to remove it.
I really like the mint feeling/taste/scent. Feel really nice and smell good too!
Maybe the lacquer balm will be a better choice for me?

Hope you enjoy this short review.

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