Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'm sure most people have heard of this website.
Basically, it's a website that you can redeem sample and try out before purchasing full size.

This was my first time redeem thus I only redeem 3 items because the rest of the items I have already tried or have the sample from other sources. There are some items that are sponsor so, you just have to use your points to redeem and you can get the items for free without mailing fee.

Otherwise, you will have to pay the mailing fee. Which isn't a lot too. There's a maximum redeem (4 times) for each checkout. Well, you can always earn points by referral and reviews. So no worries about not enough points.

So let's get started!

 photo SAM_3679.jpg  photo SAM_3680.jpg 
 photo SAM_3681.jpg 

Darlie Expert Fresh toothpaste: This is their newest toothpaste and I really like the feeling after using it. Really leave your mouth a fresh and clean feeling. However, this does not whitening effect. My mum will love this toothpaste because of the "Fresh" feeling plus she's a big fan for Darlie. 

 photo SAM_3682.jpg  photo SAM_3683.jpg 
Darlie Double action Enamel protect : I'm currently using this toothpaste because like what I previously say, my mum is a big fan of Darlie. I just redeem this because I want to make the package more worth it? Haha rather than just redeem 2 items. 

 photo SAM_3684.jpg

This is a collagen powder. Wasn't a fan of this because of my very first encounter. The other brand has very strong fishy smell and I HATE IT! This does not have that fishy smell (thank god) so it is basically tasteless. Hopefully it will help to repair my body but I doubt it will as I only have 1 satchel. 

So these are the items I redeem on my very first checkout.
It is definitely a fun site to try out free samples. (If you are a cheapo like me, DON'T MISS OUT!)
Let's earn points together and if you don't mind , sign up using my links and you can earn points too!

If not, you can always visit the website without using my link. No worries!
Currently, I am still waiting for my 2nd redemption to reach me.

I swear the postman around my house area SUCK!
I have 2 parcels that haven't reach me since last month! Seriously.
All my parcels/ packages have been delayed really badly ever since January.
I find it really irresponsible for them to just brush it off by saying it may be lost.

HELLO, the sellers/companies send out the items and because of YOU, SINGPOST or the postman who misplace or whatever you guys did, the buyer will never get the items. Then tell us "Sorry, normal postage can't be track. If it didn't reach you means it's lost." HOW DAFAQ WILL WE KNOW IT WILL BE LOST?! and the question is WHY will it be lost? Unless your postman steal it. Which is seriously wth. Then make the sellers/buyers responsible for it? NO WAY. It's super unfair to both parties (the sellers/companies and buyers).

I just hope both parcels will reach me soon. I am really very angry with their service. And the worse part is, they are the only postal service in Singapore.
Seriously, what's wrong with the postman? My parcels mostly contain makeup or clothes. Are you going to use it?

Sorry for the rants but I am really really very angry and piss off with their attitude. Especially telling me to use register mail. HELLO, so you are telling me normal mail = lost mails = unsafe? They seriously need to change their attitude.

Till then,

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