Saturday, May 31, 2014

Taiwan trip 2014

Hello everyone~

I'm finally back from Taiwan but unfortunately I fall sick so I am really lazy to update my blog for the time being.

I combine some of the footages I have to form a video. Still need to brush up my skills haha. Partly because my camera is really bulky even though it's not a dslr.

Nonetheless, enjoy the videos while I try to edit the photos for  a post~

Friday, May 23, 2014

#random meetup and stuffs

Had a great meet up with some of my friends before the start of my exams.
All these were taken before my exams break or in between the break.
Nonetheless, I glad that I manage to meet some of the girls since we hardly meet. Haha.
I really think we should meet up more often, it seem like our full attendants meet up is an annual affair. HAHA!

Had a short meet up with Vivien to try out Stranger's Reunions because I told her I will accompany her to try out the foods over there. Pretty expensive once again even though we didn't really order much. Glad that I manage to keep my promise too! Heehee! Always great to meet up with old pals and having small talk for hours.

Miss having same classes with her and all the other polymates!

 photo IMG-20140319-WA0002.jpg  photo IMG-20140319-WA0001.jpg 
Meetup with the girls after many months!!! 
We had Nene chicken and we can't stop making fun of the name. HAHA
Especially Jannah ordered their special nene pok! 
The chicken is not too bad, but I don't really think it is fantastic. 
Well, it's the company that counts right??
Let's make it at least every 6 months? HAHAH
Annual affair seem so far away! :'(
 photo IMG-20140413-WA0004.jpg  photo IMG-20140413-WA0003.jpg  photo IMG-20140413-WA0001.jpg

Recently, Bedok point (not mall) had some revamp and my mum wanted to try out the new cafe. Since I have never try before we decided to try it while waiting for Nicole's classes to end.
It's the OWL cafe and I think it is not bad too. Not the best but I think the foods standard are still acceptable.

 photo 20140406_170606.jpg  photo 20140406_170504.jpg  photo 20140406_170630.jpg  photo 20140406_170702.jpg  photo 20140406_172111.jpg  photo 20140406_170912.jpg  photo IMG-20140413-WA0006.jpg photo IMG-20140413-WA0005.jpg  photo IMG-20140413-WA0007.jpg

I think I would want to try out their desserts soon.
Their main course menu are limited but not too bad.
Personally, I think you can give the soup a missed because as shown on the picture it look really blend but I remember it was quite salty.

Other than that, the rest seem pretty nice but the portion are a little small if you're very hungry.

Till then,

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jetting off~

I think I'm either on the plane flying to Taiwan now or checking in. I can't remember the timing haha


I'm going to Taiwan for 5 days. Really excited because I have never been to Taiwan!!!

I hope it will be a good trip and hopefully will be able to bump into some idols on the street. HAHA
I didn't tell anyone about this trip because i'm lazy and except though who planned to meet me during the period when I'm oversea. Because I need to explain to them why I can't meet them right? Heehee.

For daily updates, you can check out my draye! Finally joining the bandwagon but not sure how long will it lasts because it seem to be so complicated for me!

I'm old. New technology confuses me. HAHAHA
Follow me over here and I will follow back too! 

Lastly, I hope I can bump into Yen Jue on the street of Taiwan. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH
I know it's impossible la!~ But one can wish right? Heehee!
I hope I don't gain too much weight too!

That's all!
I'll be back soon!!

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Both are ohhigwen!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Taobao hauls #2 ; 65 daigou

Hello everyone!

I'm here to do another round of Taobao hauls! You can read my previous order over here!
Seriously, there are so many things to buy and shop on Taobao and the prices are definitely way more affordable than what you can find in Singapore.
Maybe the quality isn't the best but well, you get what you paid though.

I even manage to find almost everything that is currently selling on some super popular blogshop.
They are definitely making a lot more profits because most of the items I got are less than 10 bucks! Especially dresses! Of course, there are some that are slightly more expensive but nothing more than $20 as compare to blogshop that are selling it almost at $30 nowadays.

They seriously think everyone is printing money or what. But still, I do ordered from blogshop but mostly those that manufacture their own or I really really really like the design. If not, just do a quick search at Taobao and you can find the exact pieces at cheaper price.

This time, I have gotten like almost 9 dresses and a few accessories total up the bill excluding shipping was only SGD$51! I can't believe it! Even now, with $50, I can only get like 3 clothing items from Bugis street. Really sad.

So, I decided to venture out and try making a YouTube video. Please be kind okay! Haha.
It's super duper weird but hey, never try never know right? I recorded it using my macbook webcam so ya, the quality it pretty bad.

Back to 65daigou although taobao now offer forwarding to Singapore directly through their site I will still stick to 65daigou because they have the best customer services for now.

It's really easy to shop via 65daigou because all you have to do is to add the link to the search bar and most of the details will be input automatically for you. How convenient is that! Like I say, the only downside is the agent fee that can be quite expensive, other than that I find the shipping still acceptable. There are lower shipping price around example, the forwarding company that Taobao uses to forward order to Singapore. Although there will be no agent fee, but I rather trust 65daigou as they seem to be very responsive if I encountered any problems.

I'm not very sure if I had mention this before on my previous post, but all their status are updated on real time! From the moment they received your payment to placing your order, dispatch etc. You get really excited to see the status change until it reach the "Ready for shipment" status! Haha! That's like a mini enjoyment for me and puaysee whenever we checked the status on our phone through their apps!

I have enquire a few times and most of the time I get really good response. Not the fastest response but we have to be reasonable also. The longest I had ever wait for a response was 2 days. Which wasn't that bad as compare to others that I have encountered before. I have waited for a week for response before! (*cough singpost cough*)

Therefore, I'm a happy paying customer who can't stop shopping over there!
Plus, they many different locations for you to collect your items! No need to fear that the parcel will go missing like what Singpost did to me and my sis ASOS order that contain my stuffs too!

So sign up now at 65daigou and start shopping like me! Haha or like my puaysee! She has already become their VIP! So her agent fee will charge at a lower price as compare to me. She's like the queen of taobao! She can buy literally ANYTHING over there! Haha!

I am going to try their USA service soon. Since I'm always ordering from USA for certain items that I can't find in Singapore but absolutely love using it! Maybe I will do a post about it again once I gotten all my USA order!

Oh ya! Before I forget, 65daigou not only cater to Singapore but they do service to Thailand, Australia and Malaysia!!

Sorry for the lengthy post!
Till then,

p/s: The link is my own link that generate points for me and the person who sign up.

Friday, May 16, 2014

d' Good Cafe

I finally get to meet Puaysee after school to have a short meet up and lunch.
Usually, it is quite hard for us to meet in school because of our timetable.
Even though we are in the same school for almost 2 years, we hardly bump into each other because of our timing. Most of the time I will take the late afternoon classes while she usually take morning or early afternoon.

So sad that even when we are in the same school we hardly meet :( ANYWAY~
This was before my exam break so it was almost a month ago!
We decided to head over to d' Good Cafe because it's nearby our school.

The decoration definitely caught my attention! SO CUTE!
It is very easy to locate the cafe. It's located at 2nd storey and they have different theme for 2nd and 3rd level. It's was quite cool. If you are someone who prefer outdoor, they do have open space at the rooftop area. I'm impress with the decoration throughout the whole cafe!

 photo 20140407_154720.jpg  photo 20140407_154756.jpg  photo 20140407_154912.jpg  photo 20140407_155353.jpg  photo 20140407_173737.jpg  photo 20140407_173754.jpg  
They have quite a range of foods for you to choose and cakes as well. But the cakes usually sell out pretty fast! Especially those very nice and popular cakes.
 I definitely feel that the foods are almost on par with Wild Honey but much more affordable. Even though the portion is smaller compare to Wild Honey, but that means you can have rooms for desserts!
 photo 20140407_154921.jpg   photo 20140407_154228.jpg 
Their coffees are pretty famous but I just don't feel like drinking coffee that day, so I opt for some tea which I can't remember. It is not the best but meh, I just want to drench my thirst. 
 photo 20140407_154650.jpg 
I ordered their homemade English Breakfast. 
Really love the sautéed mushrooms. Very nice!!! 
The eggs are very fluffy too! But the bread was pretty meh. 
Taste just like normal bread. 
How can we not spam photos at such at nice location right?
We were sitting by the swing area. Pretty cool actually.
 And i'm surprise we still manage to get that seats because there were quite a number of people over there. Perhaps they have more people thus not able to fit the swing sitting area. 
 photo 20140407_155031.jpg  photo 20140407_155040.jpg  photo 20140407_155045.jpg  photo 20140407_155054.jpg  photo 20140407_155102.jpg

Overall, I really like this place.
The foods are totally worth my money to pay for.
Although it can get a little noisy because there are many people around.
We still manage to chill for a few hours before leaving.

Really a nice cafe to chill and chit chat over a cup of coffee and cake!
So glad that even though we don't meet and chat every single day, we still can have htht (heart to heart talk) over hours.

Definitely check this place out if you're on budget for brunch.

D' Good Café
273 Holland Avenue #02-01/02
Singapore 278992
Tel: 6219 9807
Mon-Thur & Sun: 10am - 10pm
Fri- Sat : 10am - 11pm

Till then,

Thursday, May 8, 2014


It's not a new song but OMG
It's my 1st time watching the mv..
He's just sooooo awww! haha
Finally a slightly better mv? The female of his mv usually end up dying or cheated on him HAHAHA
finally a mv that is neither one of it.

Although the ending is still not a happy ending but at least no one dies. HAHAHA

Okay, back to mugging for my last paper.
I hope i can pass everything.. Very worry about result. SIGH


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Advertorial: Essential Sleeping Hair Mask + Essential All-Day Leave On Serum

 photo Blossom__s_Bad_Hair_Day_by_HMontes.jpg 
This is how I look almost every single morning. I wonder how does girls from dramas, cartoons or even those Facebook girls have/claim to have good out-of-bed hair!

Today, i'm going to talk about the new products Essential has launch recently!!
I'm sure majority of the people living in Singapore would have heard of this brand. I'm so glad I am able to try out the new products as I am a loyal user from this brand for quite awhile. 
 photo 9EssentialFamilyProductShot.jpg 
My personal favourite would have to the be the orange range (Rich Premier). It is suitable for damage and frizzy hair. Personally I feel that the orange range work the best out of the 3 but the pink one definitely has the nicest scent! All of them work well, but for my poor hair, Rich Premier is much more suitable for me as it is target toward damage and untamed hair. 

So, did you know why we can't achieve those perfect out of bed hair as seen on drama? Well, other than the actual fact that they aren't sleeping, it is because of the friction between our hair and pillow (also known as pillow friction) that cause our hair cuticles to open up and cause either tangle, frizz and etc. 

 photo 5EssentialPillowDamageCriminalsWantedPoster.jpg 
 photo ESS_CriminalRecord_Frizz.jpg 
Usually, I would wake up with lion hair due to the nature of my wavy hair + perm hair. I have to brush my hair to detangle it which isn't the worse. The worse is the frizz that literally drive me INSANE! I absolutely hate it especially if i'm having 8.30am lesson! Because I do not have enough time to tame the frizz of my hair!! 


 photo SAM_3738.jpg 
[L-R: Treatment milk, Repair Serum]

Essential leave-on treatment milk (100ml @ SGD$11.90) is a non-geasy and light milk that is perfect to use at night. It help to repair and protect our hair from "pillow friction" while we sleep and keeping our hair soft and healthy! 

I know it sound too good to be true, so here I am testing it out to see whether this treatment milk really does what it claim!

This is my hair after showering without any blowdrying. Frizz (after all, perming is really damaging to the hair) can be see but the overall condition still isn't that bad. Simply because I just washed them!
 photo SAM_3755.jpg  photo SAM_3753.jpg 


This is how my hair look like the next morning (I set the exposure higher in order to see the contrast as i'm wearing a dark tee).
Can you see all the frizz and tangle?! The tangle isn't that bad actually, but the frizz.. Oh my god. 
 photo SAM_3764.jpg  photo SAM_3766.jpg 

Attempt to twirl(?) it to see if the frizziness will disappear (which apparently NOT).
 photo SAM_3767.jpg 

After showering and washing my hair that night, I decided to try out the treatment milk to see whether it is as magical as it claim and if there will be any promising result. 
 photo SAM_3785.jpg 

The consistency of this treatment milk remind me of their Rich Premier lotion which I was using previously. Smell almost exactly like it too!

All you have to do is towel dry your hair, apply as much as needed and go to bed! (Remember to dry your hair before going to bed! According to Chinese old folks' tales, it's not good sleeping with wet hair ).

 photo SAM_3777.jpg 

Remember the last 15cm of our hair because they are usually the most damage due to all the chemical treatment/dyeing of hair. 
 photo SAM_3779.jpg  photo SAM_3782.jpg 
Off to bed and this is the result from the next day.


You can definitely see a different because this and the previous morning hair. It much tamed and with lesser frizz as compare to the before. I don't mind waking up every single day with good hair day!!
 photo SAM_3791.jpg  photo SAM_3795.jpg 

Attempted to twirl it again in order to show the differences. 
You can definitely see lesser frizz coming out from the side of my hair. 
 photo SAM_3796.jpg 
I can't believe that this "sleep mask" actually work! This means, I can have more sleeping time and lesser time to prep my hair in the morning! Perfect for students like me when we are feeling extremely lazy to style our hair. I still can't believe my hair can actually be tamed after having permed hair for almost 4 months!

The next product that is new to the family is this All day Instant repair hair serum!
It promise to instant repiar and boost shin and smoothness to the hair. 
It is non-greasy, prevent split end and hair breakage and also help to prevent frizz!!
With their signature fruity floral fragrance too! 
 photo SAM_3809.jpg

This is how my hair look like after combing and aftereffect of the sleeping mask.
Still manageable but there are still frizz at the end of my hair. 
 photo SAM_3797.jpg  photo SAM_3806.jpg 
Can you see the different after applying the serum?
My hair (on the right) look so much smoother and healthier! Not forgetting about the shine!
Somehow it enhance my hair colour even more! 

Really like the effect of this hair serum and it is definitely light weighed! Doesn't even have the oily feeling on my hand after applying!
 photo SAM_3808.jpg

Along with the launching of these 2 new products, 
Essential is giving away 6 PAIRS OF 2NE1'S ALL OR NOTHING WOLRD TOUR tickets!

All you have to do is purchase SGD$10 worth of Essential products to qualify! And you can watch these 4 hot ladies performing at Singapore Indoor Stadium on 28th June 2014! 

I am so going to join this contest because I WANT TO SEE MY DARA!!

Click here for more information regarding the contest!
 photo 8Essentiallogo.jpg
If you want to give this product a try, all you have to do is like Essential Facebook page over here or go to to redeem your free sample! 
You can find Essential products in all major leading supermarkets, hypermarkets , personal care stores and pharmacies! 
 photo SAM_3813.jpg
Remember to Like Essential Facebook page for more updates!
Thank you for reading! 
Wish me good luck for my upcoming exams and this contest too! 
I wanna see 2ne1!