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Advertorial: Essential Sleeping Hair Mask + Essential All-Day Leave On Serum

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This is how I look almost every single morning. I wonder how does girls from dramas, cartoons or even those Facebook girls have/claim to have good out-of-bed hair!

Today, i'm going to talk about the new products Essential has launch recently!!
I'm sure majority of the people living in Singapore would have heard of this brand. I'm so glad I am able to try out the new products as I am a loyal user from this brand for quite awhile. 
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My personal favourite would have to the be the orange range (Rich Premier). It is suitable for damage and frizzy hair. Personally I feel that the orange range work the best out of the 3 but the pink one definitely has the nicest scent! All of them work well, but for my poor hair, Rich Premier is much more suitable for me as it is target toward damage and untamed hair. 

So, did you know why we can't achieve those perfect out of bed hair as seen on drama? Well, other than the actual fact that they aren't sleeping, it is because of the friction between our hair and pillow (also known as pillow friction) that cause our hair cuticles to open up and cause either tangle, frizz and etc. 

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Usually, I would wake up with lion hair due to the nature of my wavy hair + perm hair. I have to brush my hair to detangle it which isn't the worse. The worse is the frizz that literally drive me INSANE! I absolutely hate it especially if i'm having 8.30am lesson! Because I do not have enough time to tame the frizz of my hair!! 


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[L-R: Treatment milk, Repair Serum]

Essential leave-on treatment milk (100ml @ SGD$11.90) is a non-geasy and light milk that is perfect to use at night. It help to repair and protect our hair from "pillow friction" while we sleep and keeping our hair soft and healthy! 

I know it sound too good to be true, so here I am testing it out to see whether this treatment milk really does what it claim!

This is my hair after showering without any blowdrying. Frizz (after all, perming is really damaging to the hair) can be see but the overall condition still isn't that bad. Simply because I just washed them!
 photo SAM_3755.jpg  photo SAM_3753.jpg 


This is how my hair look like the next morning (I set the exposure higher in order to see the contrast as i'm wearing a dark tee).
Can you see all the frizz and tangle?! The tangle isn't that bad actually, but the frizz.. Oh my god. 
 photo SAM_3764.jpg  photo SAM_3766.jpg 

Attempt to twirl(?) it to see if the frizziness will disappear (which apparently NOT).
 photo SAM_3767.jpg 

After showering and washing my hair that night, I decided to try out the treatment milk to see whether it is as magical as it claim and if there will be any promising result. 
 photo SAM_3785.jpg 

The consistency of this treatment milk remind me of their Rich Premier lotion which I was using previously. Smell almost exactly like it too!

All you have to do is towel dry your hair, apply as much as needed and go to bed! (Remember to dry your hair before going to bed! According to Chinese old folks' tales, it's not good sleeping with wet hair ).

 photo SAM_3777.jpg 

Remember the last 15cm of our hair because they are usually the most damage due to all the chemical treatment/dyeing of hair. 
 photo SAM_3779.jpg  photo SAM_3782.jpg 
Off to bed and this is the result from the next day.


You can definitely see a different because this and the previous morning hair. It much tamed and with lesser frizz as compare to the before. I don't mind waking up every single day with good hair day!!
 photo SAM_3791.jpg  photo SAM_3795.jpg 

Attempted to twirl it again in order to show the differences. 
You can definitely see lesser frizz coming out from the side of my hair. 
 photo SAM_3796.jpg 
I can't believe that this "sleep mask" actually work! This means, I can have more sleeping time and lesser time to prep my hair in the morning! Perfect for students like me when we are feeling extremely lazy to style our hair. I still can't believe my hair can actually be tamed after having permed hair for almost 4 months!

The next product that is new to the family is this All day Instant repair hair serum!
It promise to instant repiar and boost shin and smoothness to the hair. 
It is non-greasy, prevent split end and hair breakage and also help to prevent frizz!!
With their signature fruity floral fragrance too! 
 photo SAM_3809.jpg

This is how my hair look like after combing and aftereffect of the sleeping mask.
Still manageable but there are still frizz at the end of my hair. 
 photo SAM_3797.jpg  photo SAM_3806.jpg 
Can you see the different after applying the serum?
My hair (on the right) look so much smoother and healthier! Not forgetting about the shine!
Somehow it enhance my hair colour even more! 

Really like the effect of this hair serum and it is definitely light weighed! Doesn't even have the oily feeling on my hand after applying!
 photo SAM_3808.jpg

Along with the launching of these 2 new products, 
Essential is giving away 6 PAIRS OF 2NE1'S ALL OR NOTHING WOLRD TOUR tickets!

All you have to do is purchase SGD$10 worth of Essential products to qualify! And you can watch these 4 hot ladies performing at Singapore Indoor Stadium on 28th June 2014! 

I am so going to join this contest because I WANT TO SEE MY DARA!!

Click here for more information regarding the contest!
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If you want to give this product a try, all you have to do is like Essential Facebook page over here or go to to redeem your free sample! 
You can find Essential products in all major leading supermarkets, hypermarkets , personal care stores and pharmacies! 
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Remember to Like Essential Facebook page for more updates!
Thank you for reading! 
Wish me good luck for my upcoming exams and this contest too! 
I wanna see 2ne1!

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