Friday, May 16, 2014

d' Good Cafe

I finally get to meet Puaysee after school to have a short meet up and lunch.
Usually, it is quite hard for us to meet in school because of our timetable.
Even though we are in the same school for almost 2 years, we hardly bump into each other because of our timing. Most of the time I will take the late afternoon classes while she usually take morning or early afternoon.

So sad that even when we are in the same school we hardly meet :( ANYWAY~
This was before my exam break so it was almost a month ago!
We decided to head over to d' Good Cafe because it's nearby our school.

The decoration definitely caught my attention! SO CUTE!
It is very easy to locate the cafe. It's located at 2nd storey and they have different theme for 2nd and 3rd level. It's was quite cool. If you are someone who prefer outdoor, they do have open space at the rooftop area. I'm impress with the decoration throughout the whole cafe!

 photo 20140407_154720.jpg  photo 20140407_154756.jpg  photo 20140407_154912.jpg  photo 20140407_155353.jpg  photo 20140407_173737.jpg  photo 20140407_173754.jpg  
They have quite a range of foods for you to choose and cakes as well. But the cakes usually sell out pretty fast! Especially those very nice and popular cakes.
 I definitely feel that the foods are almost on par with Wild Honey but much more affordable. Even though the portion is smaller compare to Wild Honey, but that means you can have rooms for desserts!
 photo 20140407_154921.jpg   photo 20140407_154228.jpg 
Their coffees are pretty famous but I just don't feel like drinking coffee that day, so I opt for some tea which I can't remember. It is not the best but meh, I just want to drench my thirst. 
 photo 20140407_154650.jpg 
I ordered their homemade English Breakfast. 
Really love the sautéed mushrooms. Very nice!!! 
The eggs are very fluffy too! But the bread was pretty meh. 
Taste just like normal bread. 
How can we not spam photos at such at nice location right?
We were sitting by the swing area. Pretty cool actually.
 And i'm surprise we still manage to get that seats because there were quite a number of people over there. Perhaps they have more people thus not able to fit the swing sitting area. 
 photo 20140407_155031.jpg  photo 20140407_155040.jpg  photo 20140407_155045.jpg  photo 20140407_155054.jpg  photo 20140407_155102.jpg

Overall, I really like this place.
The foods are totally worth my money to pay for.
Although it can get a little noisy because there are many people around.
We still manage to chill for a few hours before leaving.

Really a nice cafe to chill and chit chat over a cup of coffee and cake!
So glad that even though we don't meet and chat every single day, we still can have htht (heart to heart talk) over hours.

Definitely check this place out if you're on budget for brunch.

D' Good Café
273 Holland Avenue #02-01/02
Singapore 278992
Tel: 6219 9807
Mon-Thur & Sun: 10am - 10pm
Fri- Sat : 10am - 11pm

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